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Tranquil Waters in Yosemite

Tioga Lake; Yosemite NP

Thinking of those battling the Rim Fire, praying for their safety and fervently hoping this gorgeous parkland will be preserved…

From 8/17/2009: After running through the outdoor sauna that is Ohio in August this past week, the cool shores of Tioga Lake are an appealing memory.  I love clear ocean waters with devoted loyalty, but for the moments I stood beside Tioga, it was my favorite shade of blue.

fishing at tioga

Tioga Lake is on the outer eastern edge of Yosemite National Park along Tioga Pass, a winding bit of road that will have you either questioning or praising the driver behind the wheel of your vehicle.  A quiet glacial lake fringed with tall straight pines, Tioga is a place to pause with a fishing rod; a spot to lay down the kayak paddle for a moment to simply breathe in remarkable air that carries none of civilization’s scent and harbors the stillness of night at midday…

That’s your heart beating…

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Emerald Pool at Vernal Fall

After a steady drenching climb up slick rocks to the top of Vernal Fall, we took a couple of minutes to sit on a log, take in the view and munch on some trail mix.  An engaging little Steller’s Jay hopped around hoping a bit of fruit would miss the journey from hand to mouth.  His confidence suggested he’d had decent success with the carry-out menu there before.

An unassuming, steady stream slipped by and then abruptly vanished over slicked rock.  Peering over the edge, we watched the water plummet  317 feet in a free fall that gathered in momentum and power with each fraction of motion.

A short walk further upstream brought us to a cooled oasis of calm, the Emerald Pool.  It’s a tempting swimming hole lined with ponderosa pines and surrounded by smooth white rocks that grow into cliff ledges, but it has a swift and surprising current beneath its placid surface.

The Silver Apron, a small fall spilling into the east of the Pool, sprayed a frothy white water that made the green of the Emerald shine even greener in the sunlight.

Updated from March 25, 2010.

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Steller’s Jay

Steller's Jay 1 View post

The Steller’s Jay isn’t just another pretty face.  It is rather intelligent, can be quite persistent and has decent “people skills” for a bird. An opportunist who frequents campgrounds and picnic areas, one senses that this vividly colored bird generally gets what it wants with a disarming tilt of the head and graceful hop across the forest floor.  And, that it might be the life of any rollicking forest party with its repertoire of animal mimicry that includes dogs, chickens and squirrels.

steller's jay2

First spotted on an Alaskan island by Georg Steller in 1741, the birds are common in the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest with a range that extends from Alaska to Mexico.  This little guy had a prime perch at the top of Yosemite National Park’s Vernal Falls where the occasional weary hiker might drop a bit of trail mix for it to enjoy.
More album photos: Heather Dugan Creative on Facebook
Updated from September 3, 2009.

Yosemite National Park Things To Do


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