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Trout Fishing at Tuolumne Meadows



Most of my limited knowledge on fishing was absorbed on a pier at Atwood Lake in eastern Ohio. The sunfish and blue gills were pretty accommodating and easy to catch. Unhooking them was a bit more difficult, but I’d do my best to hurriedly release each wriggling fish before grandpa could cook it. I drew the line at eating something I had personally caught. Someone else’s fish was fine, but never my own —some odd little principle I cannot define and could never explain.


Trout fishing in Yosemite National Park is a more serious endeavor. Postcard picturesque, Tuolumne Meadows unfurls splendidly at the sub-alpine level in Yosemite’s high country.


Enclosed by the High Sierra and laced by clear bubbling streams, the meadow offers serene fishing with vistas that just might make catching a fish of secondary concern.

To me at least.


Twisting through Tioga Pass


Tioga Road is a twisting road with some stunning scenery —if you can forget you aren’t actually strapped into an amusement park ride and are just experiencing the stomach plummets of one!  Abrupt curves and swerves lend drama to an already riveting landscape of steep stark mountains and jagged drop offs.  Patches of green dot the more hospitable lower altitude spaces; rubbled rock and icy snow claim the upper realms.


As we drove through from Yosemite National Park, the dense clouds of a gathering storm pulled together the pinks and oranges of day’s end and layered them like gift wrap over the natural beauty beneath.

Yosemite National Park Things To Do


Above Crowd-Level

Yosemite climbers

One of the best ways to avoid crowds is to go where the crowds won’t go.  This is not a suggestion to frequent dark alleys and condemned restaurants but rather a prodding to allow yourself the full wilderness experience when venturing into the wild.

If the trail is paved and/or easy to follow, you haven’t gone far enough.  If you know where the next public restroom is, you’ll need to hike further —beyond the water spigots, educational trail side signs and maybe even your comfort zone to where you’re thankful for your map and beef jerky —and are aware of little more than your next step on the trail.


Difficult passages tend to keep one focused in the present.  It’s why grief blurs adjunct memories and why athletes rarely hear the cheers of their fans.  In lives spiraling with multi-tasked peripheral events, intensity can grab a moment and cement it as an elevating foundational experience.  My hike through The Subway of Zion National Park has permanent status, as does mountain-biking in Mammoth Lakes, free diving through a coral tunnel in the Caribbean, crossing Gibraltar’s airport runway on foot and getting stranded on the island of Vieques with two of my kids.

Climbing, biking, hiking, swimming… beyond the crowds is well worth the fear, effort and delays to ordinary life because extreme moments tend to be unique moments that will be yours alone.


Yosemite National Park Things To Do


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