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Down by the Bay (Upper Newport Bay, California)

When your hotel is situated on the edge of a nature preserve, it’s bound to get interesting. When there’s ten miles of trails winding through it? Even better. I spent a lot of time on the trails of Upper Newport Bay Preserve and Ecological Reserve a few years ago, both strolling with my camera and running without it. There’s nothing like fresh scenery to add a little spring to your step and pull some time off your mile.

Upper Newport Bay Map and Visitor Information

Upper Newport Bay is dedicated wetlands. Without intervention and education, it would eventually fill with sediment and evolve into meadowland. Home to half a dozen rare or endangered bird species, the estuary hosts over 30,000 birds a day during winter migration. Birds are only part of the story though; fish, native plants and assorted critters and mammals share the space in an intricate food web sustained by the unique conditions of a wetlands habitat. Some thirty to forty percent of California’s halibut catch is said to originate from spawning beds in the Bay. A flood control project in the late 60’s has impacted the Bay to the point that regular dredging is necessary to maintain its natural state. Fortunately, many believe the estuary to be worth the effort.The serene liquid landscape teems with life; mollusks, fish and snails emerged along the waterline as well as assorted shorebirds that fluttered away at our approach. We searched in vain for a California trapdoor spider, but a sleek long-tailed weasel caught my eye as it slipped across a narrow channel.

The Muth Interpretive Center was an unexpected find, tucked away beneath a curve of the trail. The paths of an outdoor garden led us down to fascinating displays on the Bay’s ecosystem. We arrived with questions and the employees were more than happy to share information and point us to helpful exhibits. Muth Center guides also helped us identify a couple of plants that intrigued us, including the coyote gourd or coyote melon plant.

The trailing vines of this flowering plant were expansive, invading the territories of all surrounding vegetation and even creeping out onto the horse trail that runs alongside the biking and running path. Jumping the vines daily as I ran the bayside path seemed reason enough for an introduction…


Updated from July 29, 2009.

Newport Beach Things To Do

Upper Newport Bay Map and Visitor Information

1000 acres of preserved wetland with 10 miles of hiking/biking/running trails. Kayaking, fishing, birdwatching...

Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center: Exhibits and information

Directions/Phone: 2301 University Drive; Newport Beach, CA 92660(949) 923 2290    Website

Newport Aquatic Center: Kayak and pontoon boat tours

Directions/Phone: 1 Whitecliffs Drive; Newport Beach, CA 92660(949) 646-7725   Website

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Steller’s Jay

Steller's Jay 1 View post

The Steller’s Jay isn’t just another pretty face.  It is rather intelligent, can be quite persistent and has decent “people skills” for a bird. An opportunist who frequents campgrounds and picnic areas, one senses that this vividly colored bird generally gets what it wants with a disarming tilt of the head and graceful hop across the forest floor.  And, that it might be the life of any rollicking forest party with its repertoire of animal mimicry that includes dogs, chickens and squirrels.

steller's jay2

First spotted on an Alaskan island by Georg Steller in 1741, the birds are common in the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest with a range that extends from Alaska to Mexico.  This little guy had a prime perch at the top of Yosemite National Park’s Vernal Falls where the occasional weary hiker might drop a bit of trail mix for it to enjoy.
More album photos: Heather Dugan Creative on Facebook
Updated from September 3, 2009.

Yosemite National Park Things To Do


Featured Photo: Distracted Bird

Featured Photo: Distracted Bird (Florida Everglades National Park, USA)

Birds in the Everglades split their time between fishing for lunch and avoiding the featured spot on an alligator’s menu. Everglades National Park is a World Heritage Site and worth including in a south Florida adventure.

More album photos: Heather Dugan Creative on Facebook


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