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Perils of Paradise

Window decals are marginally effective in preventing birds from attempting a fly-through.  I liked the humor in the “Beware Paradise” sticker adhered to the sliding balcony door in our room at the Gran Melia in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.   I don’t know how many birds it has saved, but hopefully the warning has prevented vacationers from succumbing to the hazards of Paradise.

Hazards?  Well, at a resort like the Gran Melia in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, these hazards might easily include an uneven sunscreen application and brain freeze from slurping your frozen daiquiri too quickly. But, I’d rather consider more natural perils awaiting the unwary traveler:

Like bumping into a palm tree,





while stumbling over one of these beached coconuts.





Or the paradisaical peril of wasting your time by following a hermit crab wherever it wishes to go

while watching egrets fly to parts unknown…

While losing yourself completely -for a few moments at least, on a wander down a deserted beach…


Updated from September 13, 2010.
Family Vacation on raveable


“Ordinary” Depends on Your Home Address

seal 2

Sparkling water, crashing waves, a resolute sun… and harbor seals.

seal silhouette

Native wildlife often seems commonplace to those who live in the same neighborhood, but Ohio’s ubiquitous groundhogs and cardinals fascinated a Scottish marathoner I ran with several years ago.


As we ran through frozen Highbanks Metro Park that winter afternoon, I pointed out familiar creatures that he’d never seen before.  His enthusiastic curiosity reminded me of the thrills and leaps of my own heart at first sight of something, or somewhere, yet unexplored.

seal on rock

Harbor seals may be as ordinary to coastal Californians as Canada Geese and groundhogs are to residents of our Great Lakes region, but to the traveler who knows she won’t see them tomorrow, they become a notable image to carry home.


Featured Photo: Gator Glide

Featured Photo: Gator Glide (Everglades National Park – Florida City, Florida; USA)

I heard no music but watched the dance.  An elegant glide by two gruesome gators.  First, a side-by-side swim that sent fish splashing away and birds to take wing. Followed by a little snuggle time…

Psst…  Are my teeth OK? Did I get all the feathers out?

More album photos: Heather Dugan Creative on Facebook



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