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Outlined in “Ocean”


If you ride the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from Pleasanton, past Oakland, under the Bay and take the Embarcadero exit…  If you then ride an escalator from the oppressive yellow-tinged tunnels up to the bustling streets of San Francisco and follow the breezes to the water…pierview of bayview

You might stand on a pier

…and surrender momentarily to the the salty fragrance of the sea and the wind’s insistent rearrangement of your hair.

San Francisco Things To Do


People Watching in Paris



I freely admit it. Landmarks are lovely, but I also enjoy observing others interacting with their surroundings. And, I like to do my people-watching with my camera at the ready.


Paris in September requires a full suitcase. You could as easily be fumbling for a warm winter jacket as a sundress -or searching out a warm latte versus a refreshing gelato. The weather seems to fluctuate along with the euro, bringing chilly rain some years and summer sun in others. When I last visited, a long stretch of warmth filled the benches and lawns and Seine River quays with Parisians simply enjoying their city. Weekend or work day, we found masses of people savoring the sunshine and delights of outdoor Paris.


While I would have enjoyed the city in any weather, but warmer temperatures seemed to entice more Parisians outdoors, allowing us to soak in a little more Paris energy along with the sun.

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Featured Photo: Cloud Kisser (Trump Tower Chicago)

Featured Photo: Cloud Kisser (Trump Tower Chicago)

It fits. The Trump Tower Chicago (or more formally: the Trump International Hotel and Tower) is settled into its Wabash Avenue address and holding court over the famed Magnificent Mile as if it had been there all along. 92 stories of hotel, residential and meeting space rise up within the newly completed 415 meter structure. In a city known for architectural achievement, the Trump complements without overwhelming its surroundings. Its spire may get in the way of the occasional cloud, but the building itself is an attractive addition to the downtown skyline.

I caught this moment in August of 2011 while on a morning coffee run, walking west on Whacker toward Michigan.

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