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Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists

Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists (Paris, France)

The courtyard at the entrance of the Louvre provided excellent people watching. A bride and groom, lounging lovers, camera happy teen-age girls… I tried to sneak a photo of a photographer sneaking a photo of a sleeping man stretched out by the basin, his face to the sun, but was discovered. Ironic moment, but no photo for me. This couple didn’t mind my taking a photo of their staged action shot.

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Featured Photo: The Palace and the Pyramid

Featured Photo: The Palace and the Pyramid (The Louvre; Paris, France)

The glass pyramid entry to the world-famed Louvre Museum in Paris provides sharp contrast to the original palace and one-time home of Louis XIV.The dramatic lighting was just another stroke of luck on a visit filled with magical Parisian moments.


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