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Puerto Rican Preview

No, I didn’t do my Tarzan yell. Attempting such amateur vocals amid the gorgeous green foliage just outside the El Yunque National Rainforest in Puerto Rico would have been like singing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” in Carnegie Hall.  Not fitting at all. Maybe next time.  If I practice first.

What else didn’t I do during our Puerto Rican adventure?  Well, I didn’t fly the plane back off of Vieques even though the steering wheel and controls were within easy reach from my co-pilot’s seat. And I didn’t blink at the carry-on luggage of the guy standing directly behind me at the airport ticket counter -a chicken in a burlap bag. Didn’t stand in a security line either.

I didn’t get trampled by any of the wild horses that kept popping out of bushes when Hannah and I ran the roads of Vieques.  I definitely didn’t tire of picking and sampling tropical fruits as we wandered the islands.

I did glow when we swam the Bio-luminescent Bay after dark.  I’d like to think that I always glow a little, but it was all dino-flagellite action that night.

Didn’t miss the internet.  Didn’t miss TV.  Missed my oldest son but didn’t miss one wonderful moment with my two youngest kids who accompanied me on the trip.

And I didn’t get lost.  Yeah, right.

From August 16, 2010.


Co-Pilot View

Featured Photo: This photo is from Part 3 of our Puerto Rico ferry adventure. Yes, the view is from far above the water and there is no boat in sight.  Trust me… it was much better this way.  Parts 2 and 3 coming up…










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Featured Photo: Broken Boat

Featured photo: Broken Boat (Fajardo, Puerto Rico)

No, that wasn’t our canceled ferry. But when our ride to Vieques was delayed, canceled and then finally replaced (by the Culebra-Fajardo ferry -testing the patience of yet another group of passengers!), we had plenty of time to explore the surrounding port area. And this other floundering ferry viewed through rusted barbed wire caught my eye…

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