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Featured Photo: Glowing Eiffel

Featured Photo: Glowing Eiffel (Paris, France)


A slow stroll through a warm September night took us across one of Paris’ many bridges. The glimmering Seine River was overshadowed only by the majestic radiance of the Eiffel Tower lit up for evening display. The stone bridge served as a steadying support for my camera lens, allowing for this magical low light shot.

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Featured Photo: Versailles Couple

Featured Photo: Versailles Couple (Versailles, France)

They followed us everywhere. Or maybe we inadvertantly followed them?  Versailles is massive. With an interior space of 18,000 square feet and gardens that spread to almost 100 acres, you’d think it a challenge to bump into anyone twice. But we did. Repeatedly. Here’s our first encounter. Made me smile. I think they enjoyed exploring Louis (XIV) and Marie’s (Antoinette) country place as much as we did.

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People Watching in Paris



I freely admit it. Landmarks are lovely, but I also enjoy observing others interacting with their surroundings. And, I like to do my people-watching with my camera at the ready.


Paris in September requires a full suitcase. You could as easily be fumbling for a warm winter jacket as a sundress -or searching out a warm latte versus a refreshing gelato. The weather seems to fluctuate along with the euro, bringing chilly rain some years and summer sun in others. When I last visited, a long stretch of warmth filled the benches and lawns and Seine River quays with Parisians simply enjoying their city. Weekend or work day, we found masses of people savoring the sunshine and delights of outdoor Paris.


While I would have enjoyed the city in any weather, but warmer temperatures seemed to entice more Parisians outdoors, allowing us to soak in a little more Paris energy along with the sun.

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