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Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists

Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists (Paris, France)

The courtyard at the entrance of the Louvre provided excellent people watching. A bride and groom, lounging lovers, camera happy teen-age girls… I tried to sneak a photo of a photographer sneaking a photo of a sleeping man stretched out by the basin, his face to the sun, but was discovered. Ironic moment, but no photo for me. This couple didn’t mind my taking a photo of their staged action shot.

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Featured Photo: Arc View

Featured Photo: Arc View (Paris, France)

Standing nonchalantly above an undulating sea of people and vehicles, the Arc de Triomphe presented a contrasting first view to its standard travel photo persona. The wave of energy was in sharp contrast to the crowds just behind us to the southeast, embracing their leisure in the Jardin de Tuileries. This photo always stirs the same burst of delight that struck each time I turned a corner and glanced up at yet another of Paris’ iconic landmarks.


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Featured Photo: Runaway Groom


Featured Photo: Runaway Groom (Paris, France)

This moment appears more dramatic than it actually was. If you look closely, you’ll spy the photographer’s head. This is no runaway groom. He was simply positioning himself for the next photo on a stone stairway beside the Seine River in Paris, France. From where I stood, Notre Dame Cathedral rose behind me and the Seine River flowed ahead and below, giving me a great vantage point from which to photograph the photo session.

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