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Antelope Canyon: A Navajo Treasure

Following my Navajo teen guide across a barren landscape speckled by only the occasional greenish gray sagebrush, I spied no hint of a canyon. From advance reading I knew it would not be a walk into but rather a climb down to stand on the floor of Lower Antelope Canyon.  The red sand yielded no clues.

And then, there it was.  A fissure in the earth, a slender line along which the red sandstone swirled down upon itself like sand falling through a funnel or hourglass. I swung my photographer’s pass and camera over my shoulder to dangle down my back, twisted myself around and began climbing down a metal ladder.

Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona had always been just beyond reach in previous travels.  It’s a destination —not a casual add-on to a southern Utah or Grand Canyon vacation.  Situated in the crook of where Highway 98 bumps into Highway 89, Page, Arizona’s main map-worthy attraction is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to the north.  Many travelers miss Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons on the Navajo reservation just to its south, but I’d imagined walking amidst the twisting red sandstone walls for too many years to pass them by. And to finally climb down into this ethereal underground world of childhood fantasy was like walking into the landscape of a favorite painting.

For more on Lower Antelope Canyon, click the link below.

More Lower Antelope Canyon photos

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Trout Fishing at Tuolumne Meadows



Most of my limited knowledge on fishing was absorbed on a pier at Atwood Lake in eastern Ohio. The sunfish and blue gills were pretty accommodating and easy to catch. Unhooking them was a bit more difficult, but I’d do my best to hurriedly release each wriggling fish before grandpa could cook it. I drew the line at eating something I had personally caught. Someone else’s fish was fine, but never my own —some odd little principle I cannot define and could never explain.


Trout fishing in Yosemite National Park is a more serious endeavor. Postcard picturesque, Tuolumne Meadows unfurls splendidly at the sub-alpine level in Yosemite’s high country.


Enclosed by the High Sierra and laced by clear bubbling streams, the meadow offers serene fishing with vistas that just might make catching a fish of secondary concern.

To me at least.


Twisting through Tioga Pass


Tioga Road is a twisting road with some stunning scenery —if you can forget you aren’t actually strapped into an amusement park ride and are just experiencing the stomach plummets of one!  Abrupt curves and swerves lend drama to an already riveting landscape of steep stark mountains and jagged drop offs.  Patches of green dot the more hospitable lower altitude spaces; rubbled rock and icy snow claim the upper realms.


As we drove through from Yosemite National Park, the dense clouds of a gathering storm pulled together the pinks and oranges of day’s end and layered them like gift wrap over the natural beauty beneath.

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