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Sun Beams of Sand

Deep shadows and bursts of overhead sunlight, paired with limited sight lines and cramped spaces, created some interesting photographic challenges in Lower Antelope Canyon. At times I found myself flush with an on-the-edge exhilaration similar to that felt at cliff’s edge on a steep climb. Anchored between sandstone ledge and sandy floor, bent to catch an image that would live only in my own mind until the shutter snapped…it was an intense yet fun way to spend a morning.

More than once, light became the subject, not simply an essential element to creating the photograph. Here, as the sun makes its daily route from east to west, its rays thread sandstone windows at anticipated times. A handful of sand tossed into the light beam highlights its path creating an awed hush amongst observers, broken almost instantly by a flurry of camera shutters.

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Featured Photo: Anhinga Head Shot

Featured Photo: Ahinga Head Shot (Everglades National Park, Florida; USA)

Alligators were expected.  And mosquitoes.  Everglades National Park wouldn’t be the sort of sauna experience that might normally be followed by a massage and/or pedicure. I presumed primitive. I anticipated hot. A spare stark landscape with slithering surprises. But it was the beautiful birds that most captivated me and my camera during a springtime visit: sub-tropic residents such as this contemplative guy (girl?) sitting sunnyside as its wings dried from a fishing expedition.





Thankfully, the nifty green “Lego Man” helmets we wore were only necessary for our dock walk from bus to boat.  Safety first, right?  Or maybe it was more like liability first.  I’m fairly certain it wasn’t motivated by anyone’s sense of fashion.

The boat was actually a blue raft, bobbing gently on a calm stretch of the Colorado River.  Climbing aboard, we settled ourselves as close to the cool green water as possible on an outer edge and watched the world of the canyon unfurl before us.  Through the shallower stretches, we had the same clear views of the river bed as the silent trout fishermen we passed throughout that lazy afternoon.

One of the better stories we heard that day involved kayakers sneaking onto the river during a high volume water release and setting a new speed record.  Flaunting their success resulted in being banned from the canyon for a time.  Needless to say, the adrenaline chasers worked to set things right and have been a bit more discreet in revealing any subsequent triumphs.

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