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Only Six?!

That faint foot flurry you hear is me racing with a list of “Six Things That Make Me Happy”.  I haven’t done one of these lists in quite a while, but since the request came from Donald Swarbrick, my favorite Scotsman, how could I say “no?”

1.  My three kids, listed together but with unique ways of creating joy in the lives of those around them.

2. Creating… with words, my voice, on my keyboard or with a camera lens.  Not so much in the kitchen, although we’ve come up with some inventive pasta cuisine this sports season…

3. Being outdoors. A day spent inside feels only half-lived.

4. Traveling.  Discovering people and places remains one of my biggest thrills.

5. Kindness. I like to see people being good to one another without expectations:  letting a waiting car into traffic, finding the words to encourage, stooping to retrieve what someone else has dropped…  Observing such behaviors makes this world seem a nicer place in which to live.

6. Random Blessings ~Like the older gent at the grocery store last night who paused as he shuffled past in the cereal aisle to blow me a kiss.  It made me smile.  I’m still smiling -and hoping he will be especially blessed on this day.

Incidentally, Donald’s tales of his commercial fishing days off the coast of Scotland are compelling and well outside what most of us have personally experienced.

My list of six “click-worthy” sites who may (or may not) choose to participate are: “My Journey” (jungle trekking in Malaysia), “Intrepid Ideas” (frequent continent-hopper), “Running Over 50” (who shares my addiction to physical fitness),  “Nature Shows and Dreams” (talented photographer, writer and nature lover), “My Fitness Hut” (Mark may have 6 work-out tips to make you happy!),  and “Lazy Blogger” (I know… ask a “lazy” blogger to come up with a list?  Not sure he’s even home from his latest adventure yet, but there are some great photos on his site!)


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