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Buckle In, Blast Off!

Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite NP

Air travel can perplex the body a bit but I’m quite willing to contend with minor confusions.  The wonder of buckling into my seat with a decent read and then landing hundreds or thousands of miles away within mere hours still thrills me.  I suspect it always will.

I rode beside a first time flier a couple of weeks ago.  She seemed slightly flustered and breathless upon boarding, but we were midway to Phoenix before I realized it was her very first time in the air.  Her lifelong fear had tethered her close to home and confined her explorations to the paved spaces between the solid lines of a highway.  Our shared flight was her personal launch toward untapped adventures, and I was as delighted for her as I am when one of my children crests a metaphorical mountain.

Our flight hit some bumps in the last hour but she held tough, chatting about her grandson, her husband seated two rows behind us and her upcoming adventure.  The gentleman by the window expressed it best as we landed, telling her it was a privilege to share her first flight with her.  And it was…

Charlene from Junction City, Ohio:  I hope the Grand Canyon was but the first leg of lifelong travels.  Congratulations on taking a step outside of “safe” and allowing yourself to be both surprised and amazed!

*The photo is from this past Thursday – a view of Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.  My recent ten days in California included Newport Beach and the Upper Bay area, La Jolla, San Francisco, Mammoth Mountain and Yosemite.   Upcoming highlights include: sea critters of Crystal Cove, waterfall hikes in Yosemite, a 2700-year old sequoia, the colorful streets of Chinatown (and riding the BART) and mountain biking (my first time)!

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Traveling the “Mental Miles”…

Christmas Caroling 2008; Hannah and her Great-Grandma Dugan

Over the school break, we traveled the essential mental miles from over-scheduled, slightly chaotic lives back into a more natural rhythm, gifting one another with our own versions of “perspective”. I’m smiling now, remembering one such moment with Hannah. Struggling to locate our appropriate exit from a store overtaken by a sea of shopping carts, I looked to Hannah and asked, “Honey, where did we come from?” My daughter placed a calming hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and answered, “Well mom, when two people really love each other…” The errands went a lot easier after that laugh.

Last week, I began sifting through my boxes of pre-digital photos and got happily lost in both the Hawaiian and Virgin Islands. Still looking for Bermuda… Some of those photos will probably make their way to these pages as I plan new journeys for a new year. There is no adventure like the “next” adventure.

I’m finishing up a “book” (in quotes, because I have no plans to publish it yet), having finally figured out that struggles and grief, when laced with humor and hope, actually present pretty decent writing material! Call it the journal that wouldn’t die… It’s a pioneer woman’s sort of mentality, I guess, not wanting to waste any part of what has already been sacrificed. The first chapters of the next one have already been written during some winter trail runs. I like to live with a trip on the calendar and a book in my head…

“Chaos” is but a last-minute school project away, but I’m hoping to accumulate the mental miles to ride through it all in a “first class” kind of way.

I hope the same for you.


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