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Tranquil Waters in Yosemite

Tioga Lake; Yosemite NP

Thinking of those battling the Rim Fire, praying for their safety and fervently hoping this gorgeous parkland will be preserved…

From 8/17/2009: After running through the outdoor sauna that is Ohio in August this past week, the cool shores of Tioga Lake are an appealing memory.  I love clear ocean waters with devoted loyalty, but for the moments I stood beside Tioga, it was my favorite shade of blue.

fishing at tioga

Tioga Lake is on the outer eastern edge of Yosemite National Park along Tioga Pass, a winding bit of road that will have you either questioning or praising the driver behind the wheel of your vehicle.  A quiet glacial lake fringed with tall straight pines, Tioga is a place to pause with a fishing rod; a spot to lay down the kayak paddle for a moment to simply breathe in remarkable air that carries none of civilization’s scent and harbors the stillness of night at midday…

That’s your heart beating…

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