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Featured Photo: Floating Jellies

Featured Photo: Floating Jellies (Shedd Aquarium; Chicago, Illinois; USA)

These ethereal beings shift through seas in many shapes, sizes and forms.  I felt the stings of tiny jellies while snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands a few years ago and have learned to be alert for them in ocean waters.  Watching them undulate behind glass at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was a notably more relaxed experience. Capturing their images without the help of a flash or tripod was challenging, but a slow film speed, low f-stop and anchored elbows helped.  So did holding my breath as if I were underwater again.
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Featured Photo: Runaway Groom


Featured Photo: Runaway Groom (Paris, France)

This moment appears more dramatic than it actually was. If you look closely, you’ll spy the photographer’s head. This is no runaway groom. He was simply positioning himself for the next photo on a stone stairway beside the Seine River in Paris, France. From where I stood, Notre Dame Cathedral rose behind me and the Seine River flowed ahead and below, giving me a great vantage point from which to photograph the photo session.

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Featured Photo: Glow of Dawn

Featured Photo: Glow of Dawn (Key West, Florida; USA)

A Key West sunrise doesn’t draw the enthusiastic crowds that a sunset will. There is no applause.  No party. Just your own quiet intake of breath as light creeps back into yet one more beautiful day on the clear blue ocean.

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