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Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists

Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists (Paris, France)

The courtyard at the entrance of the Louvre provided excellent people watching. A bride and groom, lounging lovers, camera happy teen-age girls… I tried to sneak a photo of a photographer sneaking a photo of a sleeping man stretched out by the basin, his face to the sun, but was discovered. Ironic moment, but no photo for me. This couple didn’t mind my taking a photo of their staged action shot.

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Featured Photo: Blink of Brilliance

Featured Photo: Blink of Brilliance ( Key West, Florida; USA)

And in another blink, it was gone.  The stunning sunsets over the waters of Key West draw nightly crowds. People pause to watch the glowing light shimmer across the water before flaring on the horizon and sinking from sight. Vanished from this day; reborn into the next.

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Featured Photo: Summer’s Sigh

Featured Photo:  Summer’s Sigh  (Sharon Woods Metro Park; Columbus Ohio; USA)

Summer sighed, drifting away on a soft exhale as Autumn pressed in. No use protesting. So instead, I turned my camera to capture the transitioning moments at Sharon Woods Metro Park.

More album photos: Heather Dugan Creative on Facebook


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