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Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists

Featured Photo: Louvre Cyclists (Paris, France)

The courtyard at the entrance of the Louvre provided excellent people watching. A bride and groom, lounging lovers, camera happy teen-age girls… I tried to sneak a photo of a photographer sneaking a photo of a sleeping man stretched out by the basin, his face to the sun, but was discovered. Ironic moment, but no photo for me. This couple didn’t mind my taking a photo of their staged action shot.

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Featured Photo: Bridge Climb

Featured Photo: Bridge Climb (Ronda, Spain)

No, I didn’t climb down, but people do (and it must be a terrific view up from the riverside floor!). The New Bridge in Ronda, Spain, completed “oh so recently” in 1743, rises 390 feet above the El Tajo gorge floor. The picturesque little village of Ronda hugs the steep cliff rock —as I was inclined to do as I knelt to take this shot!


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Featured Photo: Tinge of Tangier

Featured Photo: Tinge of Tangier (Tangier, Morocco; Africa)

Tangier, Morocco is a bustling frenzy of activity at street level. Children run and play within the maze of narrow streets, blending with the pleading persistent voices of  swarming market sellers. The aged rooflines leaning into deep blue sky presented a steady, quiet contrast to the lively crowds just below.

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