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Towering Follower


It followed us everywhere like an eager bystander insistent on inserting himself into every group photo. Peeping through golden leaved trees, stretching skyward behind palatial edifices and statuary, hovering on the horizon like a painted backdrop that could be rolled out at will.

Arriving in Paris I had anticipated finding the Eiffel Tower after a long walk, not realizing that, instead, it would often simply stand grandly in the distance waiting for me to turn my head its way.


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Featured Photo: Glowing Eiffel

Featured Photo: Glowing Eiffel (Paris, France)


A slow stroll through a warm September night took us across one of Paris’ many bridges. The glimmering Seine River was overshadowed only by the majestic radiance of the Eiffel Tower lit up for evening display. The stone bridge served as a steadying support for my camera lens, allowing for this magical low light shot.

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Featured Photo: Eiffel View

Featured Photo: Eiffel View (Paris, France)

View from Eiffel Tower (Level 2)

I believe there are pieces of Paris all over the world. Because, Paris travels home with you and never leaves. It slips silently into the heart during a stroll along the Seine, or with the sip of an aperitif at a sidewalk cafe or maybe during a heart-stirring view from its famed Eiffel Tower. Paris coaxes quiet wandering and then causally reveals its priceless art, stunning architecture and beguiling charm. Paris holds an infusing presence that lingers in the senses long after one has unpacked and filed memories into photo albums.

This view is from the second level of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Paris, I’ll be back…


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