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Almost Arizona

The runner-up had both aesthetic and academic appeal.  Arizona State University’s buildings include architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s last major work of design, Gammage Hall.  Its Flexible Design Center, best known recently for its collaboration with Hewlett Packard on roll up computer technology, and the University Bridge -an innovative street crossing with steps designed by a chiropractor to realign one’s spine with continued use, speak to the school’s innovative edge.  The School of Sustainability offers the first interdisciplinary degree program of its kind aimed at tackling ecological, economic and social issues in the 21st century and beyond.

And then there are the palm trees.  Over 100 trees form Palm Walk, stretching from the University Bridge to the Student Rec Complex.  And, at the Rec Complex you will find an oversize outdoor pool that is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer for optimal year-round swimming.  Yes, Tempe definitely lacks winter weather, but it doesn’t always lack for snow.  The Sun Devils’ student government sponsored a second annual “Devilpalooza” in February that featured live music and BMX/FMX ramps and twenty tons of snow (!) with yet another ramp to keep all the snowboarders and skiers in the desert happy.

As I related in an earlier post, my son will be attending the University of Cincinnati this fall, but we had a great time checking out ASU.  And, we had a phenomenal time hiking northern and central Arizona!

Stories and hiking adventures to come…

Tempe Things To Do


Cincinnati Campus



The college visit… We’ve done a few now as my oldest son progresses through his senior year of high school. This past week we visited the University of Cincinnati, an urban college with an appealing sense of community. The unusual and varied architecture alone make a walk through campus worthwhile.


The Bearcats, 6-0 this 2009 football season, play in a sunken stadium tucked into the middle of campus next to an impressive recreation facility. When athletic fields are not in use they are open to all students.


We had the added benefit of a personal tour with a freshman nephew. Being an honors student gained him a rather palatial penthouse suite rather than the usual cramped dorm room!

Cincinnati Things To Do


Summer in the Rear View Mirror

Inniswood hideaway

I’ve never been good with transitions. Letting go of one thing in favor of another challenges the greedy part of me that would simply savor it all. But life’s not like that. Choice and change are elemental to each day, from the moment we place bare feet on the floor to the hour we again tuck them under our sheets.

Summer ended almost silently this morning as a school bus carried my youngest off to a new school year.  My older two were already seated in high school classrooms by the time Matt took one of the privileged fifth grade seats at the rear of the bus.

Just yesterday, I wondered when I’d find twenty minutes to pick up bread and milk at the grocery. I was inexorably thrilled to fit a gas tank fill-up between drop-offs for football and soccer. “Family time” was forged in the bleachers of the high school stadium minus the daughter playing on the field below us. One moment paper-clipped to the next and the next with, hopefully, a dinner break wedged in somewhere along the way.

While I crave quiet moments when every emerging thought seems to coincide with a “Mom?” request, I perversely miss the interruptions when they abruptly evaporate.

We spent some time remembering favorite trips last weekend.  I’ll be posting some highlights this week.


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