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Flying to Not-Vegas…

Cahoon Hollow Beach; Cape Cod MA

A friend was horrified to learn our summer vacation plans. You’d think I had confessed we’d be spending the week cleaning out the basement (which we need to do) or identifying and polishing our hodgepodge of tools and hardware items! She’s headed to total indulgence on the Pacific coast. Which sounds lovely. Shore vacations slow the pace to where family members can recalibrate connections, within and amongst themselves. I love the beach and the soothing sounds of the surf… It’s just that my oldest will be a junior this fall, and I feel the need to extend his experience beyond the sand this year. So… We’re headed to Utah.

Matt (fighting boredom at Hannah's game)

SIDENOTE: A week after I finalized flight plans, I found out that Matt had informed his class that Mom was taking him to “Vegas” for his summer vacation. Funny one, Matt. I fine-tuned it a little, “We’re FLYING into Las Vegas, Matt. Then we’re DRIVING to Utah.” I don’t even bother to explain things to Matt’s teachers anymore. I gave that up after he announced in second grade that I took “drugs” (antibiotics!). I figure I’m in the classroom and on enough field trips that the other parents have plenty of opportunities to observe me for odd tics and nervous behavior. And Matt is still getting invited to plenty of birthday parties, so we must check out OK…

Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef… We have the basics in place so that we can explore the twisting canyons and cliffs as curiosity leads. It will be hot, so we’ll do a lot of stream hiking, splashing our way to cooling waterfalls. We seem to hike better when there are boulders and barriers to climb over and water to fall into. The kids get tired on the easy trails but beg for more when the trail stretches ahead like an obstacle course. There should be plenty of the right kinds of challenges for us on this trip.

A camping trip through Bryce and Zion National Parks some thirty years ago with my own family etched permanent pictures into an impressionable mind. It’s time to return there with my own children. Southern Utah is a vast and inspiring blend of playground and vista. My biggest challenge so far is to not load the itinerary with every park in the area. But the goal of this trip is to introduce, not to conquer…

Because you can’t carry every book out of the library with one visit. Instead, you leave with an armload, knowing you’ll be back again to discover more.



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