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Roadside Views from HWY 89

Until our hiking trip through southern Utah a few summers ago, I disliked driving. Previous to that summer, my long distance automotive experiences had been heavy with interstate hauls through billboard jungles and carpool driving that racked up almost as many miles but with more predictable signage. Bo-ring.

Utah’s mesmerizing Highway 12 changed all that for me. And a couple of years later as we zipped up SR 17 and Highway 89 toward Flagstaff, and eventually, the Grand Canyon and Page, Arizona, time once again lost shape and substance.

As the landscape shifted from a flattened desert dotted by saguaros, prickly pear cacti and ocotillo plants into the more vegetated Verde Basin and then to the exposed sedimentary rock of the Colorado Plateau, my mind decelerated, simply absorbing the transitions.

I found my pause button.

Photo ops diminished as the landscape shifted from vast expanses to don’t blink cuts through mountain passes, but I imprinted enough beauty in my brain to make it a lasting memory—and began savoring the simple pleasure of driving from here to there.

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The Two Day Difference

Plan B was better. My son Zach had laughed when I shared the pre-trip itinerary for an Arizona hiking trip, saying, “and we know that will change…” Apparently I have a history of flexibility. That’s OK. Because it almost always pays to be responsive to opportunities and challenges. I call it vacation maximization.

Our spring hiking trip in Arizona a couple of years ago followed that norm.  A weather event led to some on-the-fly itinerary changes. but led us, finally, back to the South Kabib Trail in the Grand Canyon.


It was Goldilocks weather.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Just right for a hike with one of my favorite guys. Just right for admiring views that stretched forever forward and forever down…


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Grand Weather at the Canyon

Sixty-five mph winds blew us straight to Plan B during a spring hiking trip. No matter. We were in the land of Plans A to Z: Arizona.

The Grand Canyon was having a weather event. Hail. High winds. While wind chill can be battled, teetering in gusts along elevated edges as high as a mile seemed a dubious ambition. So, we did a little rearranging of the itinerary and drove in to the Canyon a few slightly warmer days later.

Our first peek of the Canyon this time was hit and miss between heavy fog and hail. Our second venture allowed us to hike partway down the South Kabib Trail. Which only whetted the hiking appetite for doing the whole deal next time with a little less wind and a little more warm.

Updated from March 18, 2011.

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Desert View at the Grand Canyon

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