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Featured Photo: Anhinga Head Shot

Featured Photo: Ahinga Head Shot (Everglades National Park, Florida; USA)

Alligators were expected.  And mosquitoes.  Everglades National Park wouldn’t be the sort of sauna experience that might normally be followed by a massage and/or pedicure. I presumed primitive. I anticipated hot. A spare stark landscape with slithering surprises. But it was the beautiful birds that most captivated me and my camera during a springtime visit: sub-tropic residents such as this contemplative guy (girl?) sitting sunnyside as its wings dried from a fishing expedition.




Featured Photo: Belly Surfing Turtle

Featured Photo: Belly Surfing Turtle (Everglades National Park – Florida City, Florida; USA)

Was he trying to wiggle his way back off the rock? Or merely warming his toes in the Florida sunshine?  I have no idea. Hopefully he didn’t linger too long.  Alligators were cruising nearby.


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Featured Photo: Gator Glide

Featured Photo: Gator Glide (Everglades National Park – Florida City, Florida; USA)

I heard no music but watched the dance.  An elegant glide by two gruesome gators.  First, a side-by-side swim that sent fish splashing away and birds to take wing. Followed by a little snuggle time…

Psst…  Are my teeth OK? Did I get all the feathers out?

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