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Flying Wrights at Huffman Prairie Flying Field


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The states of Ohio and North Carolina both lay claim to the pioneers of flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright. The compromise position has been for each to highlight their distinctive contributions. While both states feature aviation on their commemorative quarter coins, Ohio’s license plates read “Birthplace of Flight” and North Carolina’s reads “First in Flight”.


I have twice visited coastal Kitty Hawk, where superior wind conditions aided the Wright Brothers’ first actual flights. A few years ago,  I finally had an opportunity to see an important part of Ohio’s half of the Wright Brothers’ fame: Huffman Prairie Flying Field.


It was here that the brothers worked out steering issues for the first viable airplane, the Wright Flyer III. Commuting to the remote farm field by trolley almost daily, they erected a hangar and a catapult amongst fields of cows. These 84 acres then became the world’s first airport and where the Wright School of Aviation trained its first pilots, several of whom eventually flew for the U.S military. Nine were hired to perform in “flying circuses” for the Wright Exhibition Team in 1910. Flight remained a risky pursuit, however, and for five of the first nine, the honor was short-lived.

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Yellow Springs (Ohio) Weekend

Wednesday Guest Post:  A local resident shares his tips for enjoying a weekend in Yellow Springs.   I will be back on Friday with a new travel adventure…!

By A. Reader:

A few years back we moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Since that time we regularly hear from friends, relatives and sometimes complete strangers asking, “Is there anything to do there?”  I thought about creating one of those “36 Hours…” pieces they do in the Sunday New York Times. I gave that up because you can’t do Yellow Springs in 36 hours. How the NYT folks do Paris, Berlin, Chicago…in 36 hours is beyond me.

The best I can do is “43 Hours in Yellow Springs”. So here are some suggestions for how to make the most of your weekend visit. Start with for places to stay, maps and things to do.

FRIDAY: Arrive in Yellow Springs at 5PM.

-Check-in at one of several B&Bs around town. Arthur Morgan House is ideally located and they do a nice breakfast. Not many overnight accommodations in town so the key is to book ahead.

-Stroll around town to see what’s happening. Lots of outdoor art. Galleries occasionally stay open late, but usually close by 6PM.

-Stop at the Emporium for wine tasting and music.

-Dinner at the Sunrise Café. Nice menu, local foods and vegan friendly.

-After dinner, dessert at the Corner Cone.

-Peaches (22 beers on tap), the Emporium and a few others places that often have live music.

SATURDAY : Early morning visit to the two Farmer’s Market locations. Local produce, baked goods, cheeses, flowers, lots of talk and much more.

-Allow time for coffee and the morning newspaper. There are three coffee shops in town (Brother Bear does their own roasting).

-Walk or ride the bike path and visit the Women’s Park.  Bike rentals are available at the Corner Cone. You could also visit the Yoga Studio or schedule time with one of the many massage therapists in the town.

-Several lunch options. Try Current Cuisine for great deli sandwiches or William’s Eatery for a taste of Peru.

-Plan for a leisurely afternoon of shopping. Best of the local art shops include “Would You, Could You” In A Frame, Village Artisans,Yellow Springs Pottery and Bonadies Glasstudio. Three bookstores in town (Dark Star for used book deals).

-Dinner at the Wind’s Café. Great wine selection.  Reservations recommended.

-Take in a movie (7PM & 9PM) at the Little Art Theatre, noted for indie and foreign films.  Plus, you can’t beat their popcorn!

-Visit the late night Tapas and Martini Lounge at the Sunrise Café.

SUNDAY : Good choices for breakfast would be the breakfast burrito at the Emporium or an omelet at the Sunrise Café. If you decide to sleep in, the Wind’s has an excellent brunch menu starting at 10AM.

Visit Glen Helen, a 1000 acre nature preserve with 20 miles of hiking trails. Don’t miss the Raptor Center

-Around noon,  grab a sandwich in town and maybe make time for a stop for a Cow Shake at Young’s Dairy before heading home.

Of course, the whole routine gets changed if something special is happening – plays, music, art openings, lectures, guided tours, etc. The real highlight is that once you park your car in town, you can walk to everything mentioned in this article.

Always check the Yellow Springs blog before your visit to get the latest information on weekend events.

Enjoy your visit! A. Reader

***Oct 9th is the Fall Street Fair, and event that usually draws about 15,000+ visitors to town, so it’s not your typical weekend.  The next weekend (16th) is the Artist Studio Tour, a much calmer time to visit.

More on the Yellow Springs area (including a hiking video) here: Spring’s “Soft Opening”  (Footsteps; March 14, 2010)

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Spring’s “Soft Opening”

It’s not just the snow that thaws in spring.  Losing the warming layers of winter clothing loosens the limbs and lightens the heart a little.  The stride extends, the lungs expand, and you can’t help but smile to see what’s been hidden beneath all that snow all along.

We hiked in John Bryan State Park along the Little Miami River last Saturday.  High water sent us opposite our intended direction but underscored the arrival of Spring. While the season’s official grand opening is on the calendar for a couple of weeks from now, we reveled in Its “soft opening” here in central Ohio this past weekend.

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