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Featured Photo: Zebra Zzzs

Featured Photo: Zebra Zzzs (The Wilds; Cumberland, Ohio; USA)

It was one of those universal mother and child moments. Whether sleepy or simply bored with the whole grazing situation—But Mom! We had grass yesterday!—this baby zebra was clearly finished at every level. Not to be dissuaded, the patient parent foraged on with minimal disruption to other diners in the field.


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Featured Photo: Baby Stripes

Featured Photo:    (The Wilds; Cumberland, Ohio; USA)

Chilly and coated by a cloudy grey sky, the October afternoon wasn’t the best day to visit The Wilds in Cumberland Ohio. But thankfully, memorable moments are never confined to blue sky afternoons.

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In-Town Tourist: Hockhocking Adena Bikeway


Sometimes spinning your wheels can actually get you somewhere.

We caddied bikes to a high school cross-country meet with only the vague outline of a plan. The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway* looked to be nearby on the map and was un-cycled territory yet to be discovered. Once we located the trailhead near the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway and unloaded our bikes, we were on our way. The low grade paved “rails to trails” way follows the former path of the Columbus and Hocking Valley Railroad, connecting Nelsonville and Athens, Ohio. The mostly shaded trail was an easy ride. Winding our way alongside the Hocking River through the Wayne National Forest was a great way to “reset” both mind and body. Rock outcroppings and verdant ravines, the remnants of an old canal basin, a train yard with relics of times past and the Ohio University campus in Athens were among the highlights.

Once in Athens, we did a leisurely loop around the elegant campus, thick with trees and collegiate charm, and refueled with a snack and water break on the banks of the Hocking River before heading back north. At the end of the day we’d put an additional 35 miles on our bikes and some much needed outdoor time into our Saturday.

*”Hockhocking” comes from the Adena Indian word for”twisted” -an accurate description of the Hocking River.

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