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Summer Stored in Franklin Park Conservatory

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Ohio winters challenge the hiking, biking, beach girl in me. Bundling up for a hike or layering for a run in the woods isn’t too bad most of the time, but the lingering listless gray can creep into a body even when the chill has been held at bay.

I have to attack the winter months a little. Find ways to ride over them like a beach ball on a wave. The gym works. Warm weather getaways work even better! But one of our better options locally is Franklin Park Conservatory. I can always find a bit of summer inside that stately structure and, for a few minutes, completely forget the wind chill waiting in the parking lot.

The Conservatory is a Christmastime tradition with festive poinsettias, a model train display and whimsical gingerbread houses. The seasonal attractions, including a phenomenal juggling act are always top notch. But for me, the best part is always wandering into greened spaces and spying summer blooms.

Updated from January 12, 2011.

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Butterfly on Chihuly Glass

Featured Photo:  Butterfly on Chihuly Glass (Franklin Park Conservatory; Columbus, Ohio)

This is a deceptively simple shot taken during Franklin Park Conservatory’s annual Blooms and Butterflies where brand new butterflies flutter freely amidst the lush foliage of the Asian Pacific Garden and Dale Chihuly’s magnificent blown glass pieces. Photographing a butterfly’s brief landing requires educated anticipation, a lot of patience and a bit of luck.


Sea of Glass

Sea urchins, anemones, mermaids and stingrays swam in the glass ceiling, fused together into an essence of ocean above my head.  Entwined like floating strands of seaweed,  the vibrant swirls of color seemed caught in the surge of a wave that would surely roll on by.   But they hovered on, and so did I, a sea creature myself for the moment I let them gently wash overhead.

Chihuly Reimagined” runs through March 28th at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

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