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Bison at Batelle Darby Creek

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The half dozen furry females were a draw, but so was a last chance to hike in the atypical temperatures of our brief February heat wave.  So last Saturday we headed for Galloway, Ohio and Battelle Darby Metro Park to see some newly relocated bison (on loan from The Wilds) and hike temporarily thawed trails.

We found the big gals -females can weigh almost half a ton, grazing prairie land as contentedly as their ancestors must have before they were hunted to the verge of extinction in the late 1800s.  They ambled comfortably in a distant field, oblivious to the crowd peering at them through binoculars and superzoom lenses.

An observation tower will soon allow for closer viewing, and a nature center is slated for the spring of 2012.

Currently the beasts can be viewed off of the Greenway Trail after a short mile stroll north from the Cedar Ridge entrance.  The flat trail was fairly soggy with mud which only accentuated the fact that the day was warm, sunny and un-February in all the right ways!


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