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Bus #6


Tuesday, May 19th: 12PM

When I foolishly decided to try parachuting with a large garbage bag at Girl Scout camp, my parents heard about it three or four days later buried in paragraph two of a scrawled postcard.  By the time Mom had a chance to tell me back at home why it wasn’t a good idea, I’d had plenty of time to figure that out for myself.

My folks had a vague idea of my general activities that week but nothing specific to attach to, say, 4PM on Tuesday.  And that worked for us.  It only took me three or four jumps to ditch my parachuting plans and my parents could calmly read the postcard when it eventually arrived knowing they hadn’t received a frantic call from the camp nurse in the meantime.  Technology has changed all that.

At 4PM today, my daughter is visiting the National Archives in Washington DC.  This will follow her visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and precede time at the FDR Memorial.  If anything changes I’ll know about it, thanks to Twitter updates from the school chaperones.

Actual phone calls are limited and for valid reason.  Texting plans generally limit minutes -not the timing of those minutes.   I’ve a hunch the kids will remember a lot more of their trip without finger tapping their progress through Arlington National Cemetery, for instance.  I look forward to Hannah’s nightly calls and for her verbal playback at week’s end.

D.C. has a remarkable and memorable energy.  Walking the District is to fuse past and present into inspiration for what can yet be.  Tangible context frames the choices and journeys we have made as a country and can strengthen one’s personal resolve to help aim our next steps.  I know that this is a whirlwind of a week for the group.  I’m reasonably certain there will be thrills, and perhaps a few tears.

But no postcards.  My first glance at the Twitter updates yesterday revealed that Hannah’s adventure began with a bus breakdown.  Within moments of reading the “bad news”, however,  there was a 10:10AM tweet that they were thankfully back on their way.

~Trying not to be obsessive on my Twitter checks, but I’m wondering if she’s hungry yet.  Lunch is still half an hour away (12:30 – 1:15).

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