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Featured Photo: Eiffel View

Featured Photo: Eiffel View (Paris, France)

View from Eiffel Tower (Level 2)

I believe there are pieces of Paris all over the world. Because, Paris travels home with you and never leaves. It slips silently into the heart during a stroll along the Seine, or with the sip of an aperitif at a sidewalk cafe or maybe during a heart-stirring view from its famed Eiffel Tower. Paris coaxes quiet wandering and then causally reveals its priceless art, stunning architecture and beguiling charm. Paris holds an infusing presence that lingers in the senses long after one has unpacked and filed memories into photo albums.

This view is from the second level of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Paris, I’ll be back…


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Featured Photo: The Palace and the Pyramid

Featured Photo: The Palace and the Pyramid (The Louvre; Paris, France)

The glass pyramid entry to the world-famed Louvre Museum in Paris provides sharp contrast to the original palace and one-time home of Louis XIV.The dramatic lighting was just another stroke of luck on a visit filled with magical Parisian moments.


Featured Photo: Boats on Seine

Featured Photo: Boats on Seine (Paris, France)

One of my favorite sights from the bridges of Paris was the houseboats parked along the sides of the Seine River. Paris becomes a leisurely parade of art and architecture when viewed from the water. A Seine River tour is an excellent way to get the lay of the city and a great way to enjoy a picnic lunch too.



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