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Featured Photo: Tinge of Tangier

Featured Photo: Tinge of Tangier (Tangier, Morocco; Africa)

Tangier, Morocco is a bustling frenzy of activity at street level. Children run and play within the maze of narrow streets, blending with the pleading persistent voices of  swarming market sellers. The aged rooflines leaning into deep blue sky presented a steady, quiet contrast to the lively crowds just below.

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Featured Photo: Versailles Couple

Featured Photo: Versailles Couple (Versailles, France)

They followed us everywhere. Or maybe we inadvertantly followed them?  Versailles is massive. With an interior space of 18,000 square feet and gardens that spread to almost 100 acres, you’d think it a challenge to bump into anyone twice. But we did. Repeatedly. Here’s our first encounter. Made me smile. I think they enjoyed exploring Louis (XIV) and Marie’s (Antoinette) country place as much as we did.

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Featured Photo: Floating Fairytales

Featured Photo: Floating Fairytales (Ronda, Spain)

The white villages of Andalucia, tethered to the edges of deep gorges and dramatic cliffs, float like fairytale towns above the countryside of southern Spain. Ronda, Spain perched above the El Tajo gorge is a picturesque labyrinth of old and older. The Moors —and the Romans before them, left behind ancient baths and winding walls. This view, with the Sierras as a backdrop, is one of my favorites.


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