Sinagua Style Sky-Boxes

[display_podcast] Narrow ledges served as both pathways and playgrounds for the Sinagua people during their 100 year stay in Walnut Canyon.  Walking to the neighbors on a starless night would have been quite an adventure as would have been managing a tottering toddler, but their homes, … Continue reading

Just a Wild Guess?

  [display_podcast] Soon after Mother's Day each year I plant a few chili pepper plants, cilantro and some basil in a small garden area by the garage. With enough pavement between the edibles and the woods to at least confuse the ravenous deer, we generally enjoy a partial harvest. … Continue reading

Ornithopod was Here

[display_podcast] With the 710 foot Glen Canyon dam rising above us to the right, tightly tucked between red sandstone walls that shunted the Colorado River southwest to the Grand Canyon, it would have been easy to overlook a single slab of rock beside the metal dock-way to our raft.  But a … Continue reading