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Stalking Sea Critters

On land, such behavior might classify me as a stalker. But in the water, I’m simply a follower of fish. Hovering near a piece of coral will give glimpses of an entirely different sort of community.

Darting wrasses and tangs. Lumbering trunk fish. Flattened flounders, flying gunards and squirrelfish. Urchins and eels. Parrotfish crunching noisily on coral. Delicate jellies that will leave a stinging mark. Color changing trumpetfish and octopi that leave you blinking behind your mask, wondering if you simply imagined the sudden shift of shade.

But the hovering never lasts. Eventually, one fish fascinates enough to draw you in as its shadow.

Or sometimes, it’s a turtle! Sea turtle video on Friday…

Photos from underwater at Silver Beach on Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Family Vacation on raveable


Underwater Safari

Khaki would be tacky, but it feels like a safari nonetheless. Every time I slip on a mask and fall back off of a boat, glide out from the beach or dive down under the water…  a thrill surges toward the unknown just ahead and below.  Different waters feel like visits to distinctly differing countries.  Squid, eels, rays, turtles and myriad fish all living out their lives in an alternate underwater world.  Lingering momentarily to be found and followed.  Some at more close a distance than others…

More underwater photos (and video!) from Isla de Vieques.

Family Vacation on raveable


In-Town Tourist: Swimming Beach at Hoover Reservoir (video)

Hot and humid in Ohio.  A sultry Sunday afternoon.  One of the so-called dog days of summer. Our dog Lily, a six year old chocolate lab, enjoyed splashing through her day.  Check out the video of our favorite swimming spot (I’ll use HiDef next time).  The second video “If You Give a Hannah a Video Camera” is a good argument for keeping hold of the camera at all times!

Previous articles and photos of HOOVER RESERVOIR in WESTERVILLE, OHIO

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