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Tourist Town Guides: “Jackson Hole” by Nina Lary

While the internet is invaluable for researching destinations and itineraries, it’s still a good idea to slip a current guidebook into your carry-on luggage.  The barrage of choices in an unfamiliar location can overwhelm; a little hand-holding in the form of a decent guidebook can make the difference.  My best travel books travel with me, get heavy use and generally return home in a slightly disheveled, bent-paged state.

“Jackson Hole: A Comprehensive Guide to Jackson and the Grand Tetons” by Nina Lary and published by Tourist Town Guides is such a book -and I haven’t even gotten back to Wyoming yet!  The guide is thorough without being overwhelming.  It includes a history of the locale, transportation suggestions and effective descriptions of the area’s ambience, season by season.  The author makes recommendations on accomodations, activities/tour operators and restaurants -helpfully sharing the “sway” factors so that the reader may more easily make his personal choice.  For instance, under motel listings:  “If those amenities are irrelevant to you, **** is not worth the extra money,” and, “The cozy lobby is a converted living room… Some may find this too close for comfort.”

There’s plenty of “local” insight included, and Nina excels at including the details that matter. Helpful sections include: Area Orientation, Outdoor Activities, Snow Sports, Teton Village, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Each segment is very well-organized and brimming with descriptive and engaging narratives.

The pluses:  Listings include phone numbers, addresses and website information.  The author includes follow-up resources for in-depth information on virtually all listed categories.  Geological and social histories are related in easy-to-understand terms. The negative: My personal preference would be to include more specific trail and hiking information, but this guide is meant to be a thorough overview of the area -and it quite competently achieves that. As noted above, follow-up resources are included and allow the reader to flesh out the areas that interest them most.


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