Row, Row, Smile!

photo boat 1


This scene at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park made me laugh.  I’ve been one of those kids in the boat, silently gritting my teeth in a smile, waiting for each of my siblings to do the same and in unison.  I’ve also been the parent, aiming for “natural” expressions that disappeared once I peered through the viewfinder.

photo boat 2

Note the multi-tech approach this group takes: video recorder, digital camera and cell phone.  I’m sure the kids have darling faces, but it was the adults who caught my eye.

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13 Comments to Row, Row, Smile!

  1. Haha!! They must have found their own way to have fun.

  2. That’s the way to row, Heather…not much chance of sinking!

  3. Another Blogger

    I see a lots of fun there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun, hope everything is great with you and your family…

  5. I would just have filmed the boats, they know how to behave. LOL I would love to visit that place though.

  6. That’s a really charming scene. I don’t know if I would have been that patient as a kid.

  7. I bet, kids have enough imaginations and think they are out at the high sea 🙂

    I like your blog!

    Sue’s Daily Photography

  8. Keith Pilat

    I can so relate. My cameras sometimes get more attention than the event my kids are actually in!

  9. Bring Back Pluto

    Taking a picture of my three kids is a nightmare. I can always get 2 out of 3 to behave. Never all three!!! Funny!

    Hope all is well.

  10. Trisha Pearson

    I can just hear the kids saying “hurry up mom!” through their pasted on smiles.

  11. Rainfield: I noticed that the boy seemed more into the “acting” and the girls were working a little more on their photo smiles. Fun to watch!
    Jean-Luc: You’re right! Reminds me of my tightrope act for my kindergarten class circus (how’s that for a good memory!)…
    Another Blogger: Fun for them; fun for me to catch as I was walking by!
    mee mOe: Good to hear from you! All is well here. My summer CA trip was without the kids; we’re deep into the fall sports/school schedule at this point! -Hope things are good with you and yours?

  12. Donald: You’d definitely enjoy the Maritime Park. ~And yes, the ships would make easier photography subjects!
    Fly Girl: I should have crept around to see their faces. The ladies were at it for a few minutes, so it couldn’t have been “all smiles.”
    Susanne49: The boy seemed to enjoy heaving those oars around. It doesn’t take much to launch a kid’s imagination (the trick is to keep launching it into adulthood). And thanks!
    Keith: Yes, one has to remember to enjoy the moment and not just “capture” it to look at later!
    Bring Back Pluto: I actually prefer the photos with a little extra “personality” showing on one of the kids’ faces. My mom tried to arrange the perfect Christmas photo on every family vacation, and each time my littlest sister would be snapped exiting the frame. ~Wish she’d sent out one of those!
    Trisha: Oh yes. The time to change your settings (and remove the lens cap) is before you say “smile!”

  13. Thanks for the post, very interesting. Nice one.

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