Sea Glass on Sun Bay

Sun Bay didn’t get a lot of our time.  Nothing against the sand on that beach —the shores of Isla de Vieques are simply alternate slices of heaven. We had found more private digs on Silver Beach around the corner but appreciated Sun Bay’s alternate view of the little island we swam to in pursuit of a sea turtle.

Sun Bay was the meeting point for our kayak/swim tour of Bioluminescent Bay (more on that later).  More significantly, it was the best beach we found for collecting sea glass.

Sea glass?  It’s basically recycled garbage, but this is a truly artistic reprocessing.  During a stay at Cape Cod, I found publicity for a sea glass festival in Hyannis, Massachusetts. And with a couple of Google clicks, I discovered that the annual festival is not an isolated incident but a major hobby and business for many ocean lovers. The “Shard of the Year” fetches $1000 at the North American Sea Glass Festival.

Sea glass is ocean burnished bottle fragments and chips of glass. Bottle stoppers, marbles, channel markers, thimbles —tossed and tumbled by the ocean until finally washed up as smooth startling bits of color amidst seaweed and shells at water’s edge.  I’ve found them along the shores of disparate seas.  On beaches in Cape Cod, Bermuda, Hawaii, St John, Puerto Rico, Spain and… Vieques.  My aunt’s artful scatter of the glass over a patio table a few years ago  breathed inspiration to me. And so, I gathered my own colorful treasures at Sun Bay.

At Sun Bay we had to get choosy, tossing the similar in favor of the unusual. So much beautiful glass, so little space in our moderately sized hands. At home we arranged the bits of vibrant glass amongst seashells, coral and sand in sea gardens we create in glass bowls to commemorate beach trips.

And with a glance at the glass, I’m back on the beach…

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  2. Heather
    your post inspires me to want to collect sea-glass!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. You know I’m a beach person, so I’ve been collecting shells and pink sand (also arranged in glass bowls) for awhile but I didn’t start collecting sea glass until a few years ago, when I spotted brilliant cobalt shades on Eleuthera. Your water shots of Vieques are inspirational.

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  5. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

  6. Hi Heather,

    I so enjoyed reading about your Vieques adventures! My grandmother grew up on Vieques and it is a very special place to me! I am a sea glass collector and sea glass jewelry artist and while collecting sea glass there I often wonder if any of it was ever held in her hand when it was part of a whole glass object. I lived in Puerto Rico for fifteen years and spent a winter season in Vieques. It is a magical place!

    Lisl Armstrong,

    Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry

  7. Linda: Interesting site! Thanks for sharing the information!
    The Fashionable Traveler: It’s kind of irresistible once you get started!
    Fly Girl: Cobalt is beautiful(!)! I’m going to have to look up Eleuthera. You travel to the most interesting places!
    Thanks Normand!
    Lisl: Your grandmother must have had such an interesting life on that island! It was beautifully quiet this past August. Can’t imagine how laid back it must have been when she lived there. Lucky you to spend a winter on Vieques… BTW, your jewelry creations are lovely. Love that cobalt blue!

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  9. Lovely post! I am sorry I am just finding it now. I was at the Sea Glass Festival in October at Cape Cod. Sea glass heaven. This year (2011) the North American Sea Glass Festival will be held Columbus weekend at Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch, NJ. Also there is a New England based sea glass hunters group “The North East Sea Glass Society”. Lots of sea glass fun on the horizon.

  10. Thank you bet365 : )
    Sounds wonderful, Danielle! Finding an unusual bit of sea glass is such a thrill, isn’t it? Keep me posted on your festival travels!

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