Record Snowfalls, Record Fun

Snow memories (and winter “survival” strategies) from February 17, 2010:

Cocooning is overrated and easily overdone. Long periods of inactivity may be a course of self improvement for caterpillars, but the results are generally not so favorable for people.

If there were ever a winter to compel hibernation, this might be the one. Record snowfalls and low temperatures make for interesting reading and better than average “how about this weather” conversations, but they also make it more likely we’ll have to live without bananas and bread for a few days.

My winter survival strategies include traveling to “summer” somewhere else in the world and taking time out for some of the indoor attractions that are forgotten with warmer weather. But my best game plan for a season that always seems to linger a little too long is simply to bundle up and get right out in the middle of it all. Then it’s fun again.

My daughter assures me that none of her future books will include a chapter on how her mom once made her run in snowstorms. I do hope, however, that she will remember the silly fun of making snow angels in the middle of the road after a trail run through Highbanks on the day we got over nine inches of snow.

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  1. When snow first falls it’s so inviting, so peaceful. I love it. But after about a week, it starts to take on other colors, black being the worst. (From cars and trucks) That’s when I start gearing up for spring.

    But you are right, if you’re going to live in a place with four seasons, you have to embrace each one.

  2. It all looks far too deep, Heather!

  3. Word has it we may get more on Sunday. I saw on the news, today, that we’re ahead of Cleveland when it comes to snowfall this season.

  4. The snow is nice when its fresh, or if it is untouched by humans, a snowman is fine, but when the snow starts to melt it leaves us with the opposite feelings of the joy and excitement it gave when it was falling.
    It’s strange how the weather affects our moods so much.

  5. Suzanne Perazzini

    It’s hard to picture the snow as I sit perspiring on a Sunday summer’s afternoon. I can’t imagine you staying couped up for too long.

  6. Yes, snow angels are fun for the first two snowfalls. They get old by the 5th or 6th. My post is on a similar topic, since these Midwestern winters last so long. I don’t travel until late March because the weather is so bad so I just remember all my tropical escapes in the past and the ones coming up.

  7. Is this global cooling? Both Europe and North America seem to have had ruthless winters this year.

  8. Some serious snow here. I love the snowfall but not the upcoming weeks of freezing tempertures. Hoping spring will come soon for you.

  9. One of the Guys: I’ve tolerated winter much better this year, and I think it’s due to our massive snowfalls. It’s much prettier with fresh snow! As long as we keep getting new snow to cover up the inevitable gray sludge it becomes with melting, I’m good!
    Graham: The toes get a little cold after a while. When we can’t feel them anymore, we run back to the truck.
    Delmer: The kids were commenting on the complete lack of snow last year. Hard to remember now. We had the blizzard a couple of years back, I think?
    Mark H: I just call it all “extreme” and leave it at that.

    Donald: It does! I wonder how you managed your mood when you were out in the elements at sea. Probably kept so busy you didn’t have much of any until you were headed back to port!
    Suzanne: So true, so true. I’d rather run in warm weather, but getting outside even in frigid weather is always preferable to hibernating. Perspiring from the heat? Oh you poor poor thing…
    : )
    Fly Girl: You get the added element of a decent wind chill in Chicago, don’t you? Your posts on St Lucia, Jamaica and the like are always a welcome read this time of year.
    Cate: You too! It’s a bit of a pain wearing so many layers of clothing. But, I am glad to have a real winter this year!

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