Trout Fishing at Tuolumne Meadows




Most of my limited knowledge on fishing was absorbed on a pier at Atwood Lake in eastern Ohio. The sunfish and blue gills were pretty accommodating and easy to catch. Unhooking them was a bit more difficult, but I’d do my best to hurriedly release each wriggling fish before grandpa could cook it. I drew the line at eating something I had personally caught. Someone else’s fish was fine, but never my own —some odd little principle I cannot define and could never explain.


Trout fishing in Yosemite National Park is a more serious endeavor. Postcard picturesque, Tuolumne Meadows unfurls splendidly at the sub-alpine level in Yosemite’s high country.


Enclosed by the High Sierra and laced by clear bubbling streams, the meadow offers serene fishing with vistas that just might make catching a fish of secondary concern.

To me at least.

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  1. Clearly the ability to make a connection from what was in the plate to a once living animal that you had actually seen is what made the difference.

    Another skirmish with wildlife … interesting.

  2. It is a great place to go for fishing, to derive maximum satisfaction with that in the plate.

  3. Doug: I think I’d still have a problem eating anything I’d met beforehand.

    Yes, I love living next to a woods, but the boundaries can be a bit fuzzy to the wildlife I guess… I successfully ran out the chipmunks and have had no snakes or bats lately, but I did have to catch a “lost” field mouse last week.
    Rainfield: The guys we watched looked pretty contented. I hear trout are pretty smart fish, and it can be a bit of a challenge to catch them.

  4. Great pictures. I bet you woll never forget this experience. Just wonderful. Thanks.

  5. If your needing a little help next time, you know where to come. LOL. It seems like you had good fun Heather, and thats what its about. That kind of fishing anyway.


    Trout fishing just seems so cool. Add Yosemite to the mix and wow!

    Some day!

  7. Dr James A Lee: Definitely “unforgettable”. ~Like walking into your own favorite dream…
    Donald: You’re first on my list! I bet you’re slightly horrified that I couldn’t/can’t eat my own catch!
    THE GUYS: As much as I like exploring and seeing everything, that was a spot where I could have lingered for quite a while. ~Hope to go back!

  8. Heather ~ Yosemite is my 2nd favorite National Park (only behind Yellowstone) for its beauty and variety. But Tuolumne Meadows is about my favorite place to be while in the park. Thanks for the nice post at my place. You are way too kind! I just wish there would have been some sun on that day to make both the lake and the sky actually look BLUE! I was so excited when the sun peeked through the clouds that I shot a picture of it and added it to the post. But it looks more like the MOON! ~ jb///

  9. Suzanne Perazzini

    After we left the farm, my parents owned a fishing business processing wet fish and lobsters. I often got to go out on the fleet of boats and up in the school-spotting helicopters. Fun times.
    My son and husband loved fishing from our launch, which we sold about a year ago, but I preferred to enjoy the scenery.

  10. I never understood fishing was sport. I tried once day, I was to impatient, I quit after 15 minutes 🙂 But the sight around was breathtaking.

  11. LAZY: It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Yellowstone. It’s on my “return to” list. Yosemite was sooo majestic! -A lot of driving to get in and out of, but I didn’t want to even blink, it was so beautiful!
    I consistently enjoy your photos!
    Suzanne: How fun!! You’ve had some exciting and very unique experiences!
    sibel: I usually fished with a cane pole and also had a hard time leaving the bobber in one place for very long. I was more interested in casting the line and catching the fish (and releasing the fish, ha!). But, it’s a nice way to slow down and enjoy one bit of nature for a while…

  12. What an amazing trip. I have never been to Yosemite, but my mom goes every year. I think what caught my attention on my first visit to your site was Ohio and Bluegills. I’m from Ohio and used to go fishing with my dad. I was so young at the time, but you brought back great memories. I found you on Dougs site

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  14. Lauren: I envy your mom! The park seems almost endless -there’s more to see than one possibly could in one trip.
    My youngest son would like to go fishing. It kind of seems like a rite of childhood, doesn’t it? My sisters and I always begged our grandpas to take us. I need to take my son, soon.

  15. What a magical part of the world to lean back and fish for trout. Yosemite is the most beautiful national park I’ve ever visited, bar none.

  16. Mark: Yosemite and Zion National Parks top my list for beauty and variety amongst our national parks. -But I had better check out all of them to be sure!

  17. It looks like Alpine meadows!

  18. Paphos Travel: I love the scenic drama that a drastic elevation change creates. It can almost feel like getting off of an airplane into another country.

  19. Keith

    I can relate Heather. I grew up on Atwood Lake. Have been gone 30 years from Ohio now. Sure do miss that place at times. Like when its 115 degrees here in Arizona.


  20. Thanks for commenting Keith! Those little moments can create the biggest memories, can’t they? Realizing the impact of those quiet in-the-present moments makes me want to give my kids as many of them as I possibly can ; )

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