Twisting through Tioga Pass



Tioga Road is a twisting road with some stunning scenery —if you can forget you aren’t actually strapped into an amusement park ride and are just experiencing the stomach plummets of one!  Abrupt curves and swerves lend drama to an already riveting landscape of steep stark mountains and jagged drop offs.  Patches of green dot the more hospitable lower altitude spaces; rubbled rock and icy snow claim the upper realms.


As we drove through from Yosemite National Park, the dense clouds of a gathering storm pulled together the pinks and oranges of day’s end and layered them like gift wrap over the natural beauty beneath.

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12 Comments to Twisting through Tioga Pass

  1. The feeling must be great to drive through the twisting but beautiful place.

    It looks like you are driving in other planet.

  2. This really is stunning. I never knew Yosemite was this beautiful.

  3. Bring Back Pluto

    I need to get there someday soon!

  4. Rainfield: We really lucked out to get that spectacular lighting. Locals commented on the unusual sky when we were at dinner that night. It does have an other worldly sort of feel to it; stark landscapes such as that along the Pass tend to magnify their select elements in such a stunning way.
    Fly Girl: Yosemite rocks. I wish I’d had another week to hike and float there. I will definitely return for more.
    Bring Back Pluto: You do! It’s massive both in size and in its range of recreational opportunities.

  5. You not only capture the beauty of these places with your camera, the words you write along with them have a poetic ring to them which all adds up to a great blog.

  6. WOW ! look at the beautiful picture, the beautiful colour combination of sky.

  7. A great time to be driving through makes you really appreciate nature. Does look a little on the moonscape side which makes it more enjoyable.

  8. Such wonderful moment!

    Feels like walking in dream!

  9. Thanks Donald. That kind of scenery kind of writes its own description!
    Jahtenan: Pretty dramatic, huh? Thanks for the visit.
    Cate: Sometimes less truly is more. We drove the pass at sundown and in full morning’s light; it was a beautiful drive every time.
    iWalk: You’re right. I have some pretty wild dreams and this would fit into some of them quite well!

  10. What a majectic lead photo.

  11. Thanks Mark!

  12. I drove Tioga Pass ocne on the day that the road opened. The lakes were still frozen and the air had an icy freshness. The views are something to behold.

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