Tranquil Waters in Yosemite

Tioga Lake; Yosemite NP

Thinking of those battling the Rim Fire, praying for their safety and fervently hoping this gorgeous parkland will be preserved…

From 8/17/2009: After running through the outdoor sauna that is Ohio in August this past week, the cool shores of Tioga Lake are an appealing memory.  I love clear ocean waters with devoted loyalty, but for the moments I stood beside Tioga, it was my favorite shade of blue.

fishing at tioga

Tioga Lake is on the outer eastern edge of Yosemite National Park along Tioga Pass, a winding bit of road that will have you either questioning or praising the driver behind the wheel of your vehicle.  A quiet glacial lake fringed with tall straight pines, Tioga is a place to pause with a fishing rod; a spot to lay down the kayak paddle for a moment to simply breathe in remarkable air that carries none of civilization’s scent and harbors the stillness of night at midday…

That’s your heart beating…

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13 Comments to Tranquil Waters in Yosemite

  1. Love the top shot!

  2. The second scene is close to my tropical experience. I have to use imagination for the first. It is very beautiful.

  3. Yosemite is beautiful. I love the mountain shot!

  4. Last night I was in the garage doing almost nothing and sweating like a pig.

    The summer has been so nice so far (for Ohio in August) that I’d almost forgotten what it could be like. Though, last night there was a pretty good breeze — and I’ve not forgotten the hot, humid, breezeless days that are typical of this time of year.

  5. Thanks Lazy Blogger (I enjoyed your Route 66 post).
    Rainfield: We don’t have glacial lakes in Ohio either! It was quite lovely (wish I could open my eyes to that scene again this morning!).
    Thank you, Susanne. I could have wandered Yosemite for another week. -So much to see and experience in that park!
    Delmer: Usually we’re pretty acclimated to running in “hot and steamy” by the time August hovers, but last week was the first intense heat we’ve had in summer running this year!

  6. Your right it is a gorgeous shade of blue, like a deep expensive sapphire. A beautiful park.

  7. Your verbal picture is as lovely as your top photogragh. It is so heavy, hot, and humid here too, and I can’t wait to get away.

  8. Trisha Pearson

    Wow! That mountain lake shot is breathtaking! I can almost feel the fresh mountain air. Almost because we’re having hot weather again here. So thanks for the refreshing break!

  9. Cate: Yosemite is known for its astonishing waterfalls -but it also has these spaces of utter stillness that can “astonish” in completely different ways.

  10. Wendy: “Heavy, hot and humid” is giving way to thunderstorms here. No Tioga Lake in the forecast, but we’ll at least lose the oppressive air this next week!
    Trisha: You’ve had all the heat this summer! Atypical? It’s been a few summers since I’ve been in your area, but I don’t remember significantly high temperatures as being part of the experience.

  11. Gorgeous photos and beautiful post, Heather!!! Tioga Lake looks enchanting and what a perfect fishing spot. Would loooove to kayak there too.

    These would make great spa photos. 😀

    Am not having any problems with your new blog.

    Hugs, JJ

  12. Hi ya JJ,
    Just wait until you see the fishing spots in Tuolumne Meadows (the largest subalpine in the Sierra Nevadas)! I’m afraid I might not notice what was happening on my fishing line in the midst of that kind of beauty.
    I think you and Jeff need to take your kayak on a western roadtrip!

  13. And blue – blue sky is reflected in the lake!

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