Outlined in “Ocean”


If you ride the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from Pleasanton, past Oakland, under the Bay and take the Embarcadero exit…  If you then ride an escalator from the oppressive yellow-tinged tunnels up to the bustling streets of San Francisco and follow the breezes to the water…pierview of bayview

You might stand on a pier

…and surrender momentarily to the the salty fragrance of the sea and the wind’s insistent rearrangement of your hair.

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  1. If it is not hot, the breeze will then be comfortable, I like to stroll along.

  2. Rainfield: I’ve never hit “hot” in San Francisco. It was warm enough to go sleeveless last time, but I always bring a jacket when I walk along the water. Yes, you’d like strolling along in the cool breeze there…

  3. I’m there – minus the wind though.

  4. The wind can insist all it wants, it isn’t going to rearrange a single thing so far as I’m concerned! 😉

  5. The sea breeze, now your talking my lingo.

  6. I have never been there, although I only live 3 or 4 hours away, my girls have, but not I have not. I am in Missouri until Oct 14th, my oldest daughter is getting married Oct. 3rd.

    I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, come drop by sometime…;)

  7. Cate: I drive with my windows down as long as the weather permits; the strong SF wind just feels like freeway driving!
    Doug: You would definitely have the upper hand on that. I tend to get blinded in breezes!
    Donald: Nothing like it! Nothing.
    Hi mee mOe! I will check out your sites (I do periodically but don’t always write like I should!). So you’re busy with all the mother-of-the-bride stuff! What an exciting time for your family! All the best to you and the expanding family…

  8. Ah! The sound and smell of the ocean! Nice picture! : )


  9. Bring Back Pluto

    How do you get those BLUES from your camera?? Amazing.

    I’m coming to SanFran/Oakland in February to see my family.
    Your pics make me even more excited. It’s been too long!!!

  10. I the pictures with that bluish tint.

  11. Thanks Gil. I’m going to need some more ocean time very very soon!
    Bring Back Pluto: Gorgeous, huh?! Your trip is wonderfully timed. February is the guest who won’t leave(!) for our half of the US!
    Graham: The harbor fog seemed to hold in the blue that day. It was a perfect day to wander and just take it all in…

  12. rino

    Very evocative – “and surrender momentarily to the the salty fragrance of the sea and the wind’s insistent rearrangement of your hair.” I like how you paint images in my mind with your writing. The pictures that go with them are excellent shots.

  13. Thanks Rino. When I’m really “in” a moment, it makes a solid impression, and describing it kind of takes me back again. Nice place to go… Thank you.

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