Unknown Trails Beat the Usual Routes


Invariably, Travel injects my running routine with some sensory enhancements. Relocating my route to the edge of an ocean, up the side of a mountain, through the streets of an unfamiliar city or into the turns of an untried trail is a treasured element of the overall trip experience. The need to see what lies just down the beach or how the view will expand over the next ridge is a terrific natural energy boost. Like fresh paint on the walls of a familiar room, running through unknown places has a rejuvenating quality that lingers long after I’m solidly grounded into the repetitions of everyday life again.

In Puerto Rico we ran a golf course, innumerable beaches, roads and a couple of trails. The hazards ranged from coconuts and hermit crabs to wild horses, chickens and mosquitoes. Occasional encounters with spraying irrigation systems were generally a nice counterbalance to the humid heat, however.

The palm lined beach we ran from our first location in Rio Grande was especially lovely. In the morning thick clouds rolled overhead, ferrying their moisture inland and giving glimpses of the day’s light hidden just behind them.

The effect of such visual inspiration? Better speed, better distance and some endorphin-rich vacation memories that followed me all the way home and back onto my regular running route.

6 Comments to Unknown Trails Beat the Usual Routes

  1. It may not surprise me if I happen to stumble upon you running on my usual trail.

  2. Running is much easier if the location has a bit of inspiration to offer…

  3. And at the end of the day, you got to run somewhere different beautiful and pretty quiet by the looks of it – except for the horse.

  4. Totally agree Heather. I used to run the urban jungle of London but swapped it for beach living. Running is a total joy now, made all the easier by incredible surroundings.

  5. Wouldn’t that be a fun surprise, Rainfield! Someday, when I get to Malaysia…
    Mark H: So true. If the trail is new to me and holds a few challenges, I can forget almost forget that I’m running at all.
    Cate: We heard the most interesting noises from behind the foliage on those runs, Cate. Never knew what might pop out next!
    Dahlia: You have created quite a wonderful life there in Costa Rica. It sounds like you have access to the best of everything outdoors!

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