Featured Photo: Seasonal Mix

Featured Photo: Seasonal Mix (Alum Creek State Park; Lewis Center, Ohio)

Winter can be a rough ride for an outdoor lover who goes numb in freezing temperatures! Whispers of warmer seasons past and yet-to-be can help less enthusiastic winter dwellers weather the temporary chill and appreciate the architecture of a bared woods. This photo, taken last winter on a seasonally-vacated mountain bike trail, is an encouragement to bundle up and search out the beauty in a frozen afternoon.

I did my first snowy trail run at yesterday and have officially plunged into yet another Ohio winter. Sensation has returned to my toes; acclimation is complete. 


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  1. I’m really enjoying the look and feel of your site. The photos, as usual, are absolutely amazing! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Thank you! Me too, Intrepid! It was waay overdue (and a lot of fun to do!). Hope things are well in your world. I always check your blog to see if you’re on the continent ; )

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