Red Rock Cathedral

Cathedral Rock was our parting shot, our one last hike on the way out of Sedona a couple of years ago. Zach and I both deemed it a good choice. It was a fun scramble up the sides of red rocks. A couple of chutes made some of the hike feel like a child’s playground, complete with slides. As always, it was easier to climb up than to ease one’s way back down again. These slides had no patient parent waiting at the bottom to slow a fast descent, and a couple of bounces could generate enough momentum to take you on quite the ride!

Piles of rock enmeshed in wire marked the trail, looking like the vastly upgraded contents of invisible trash cans. With red rock rolling out in every direction the markers were necessary to keeping one’s bearings. Up extended in multiple angled directions.  Not a bad thing to keep in mind wherever you happen to be hiking.

More from the trail plus the view from the top…





Updated from October 22, 2010.

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3 Comments to Red Rock Cathedral

  1. That type of hike is certainly adventurous. I cannot imagine how I am going to descent.

  2. Hey, You’ve been busy! I like the new look and feel of your site. I hope your week is lovely and fun! 🙂

  3. Rainfield, a hike like that would be nothing for a jungle trekker like you!
    Thanks Intrepid! I had a lot of fun putting this together -glad you like it. It feels pretty comfortable to me, navigation-wise. Maps are great on a hiking trail but shouldn’t be necessary on websites ; ) I hope your Thanksgiving week is warm and wonderful.

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