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Our trips to the local batting cage began with an aberrant pitch (mine) that connected rather solidly with Matt’s forehead a few years ago.  No amount of pleading on his part could bring any subsequent pitches within the three foot safety zone my horrified brain immediately froze into place around him.

I finally suggested the local batting cage, theorizing that mechanical beanballs would be less psychologically traumatizing than maternal ones -and so began our summer treks to Westerville Golf Center.

minigolf sign copy

We were already fans of the lushly landscaped miniature golf courses and the ice cream vending machine in the Pro Shop that transports each frozen selection via a suction hose.  Prices are quite reasonable with plenty of weekly specials for those interested in deeper discounts.  The hand-lettered sign with weekly promotions is local commerce at its best and attracts a well-mannered clientele of families, dating couples and groups of friends.

At the batting cages, $5 buys 84 pitches, 14 at a time.  $10 wields 14 tokens and almost 200 pitches; plenty for an evening outing for Matt and a friend or two.  The eight cages feature a two-wheel ball shoot for a more consistent pitching experience than many kids will have with their enthusiastic, under-skilled parents who are (most definitely!) better with spirals than curve balls.

What are the favorite summer hang-outs where you live?

Updated from September 11, 2009.
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10 Comments to When Mom Can’t Pitch

  1. Trisha Pearson

    LOL I wouldn’t be able to pitch again either after hitting my son in the head with a baseball!

  2. “aberrant pitch” ?

    Ahem, I believe the proper baseball approved term is “wild pitch”. Sounds like a blatant attempt to soften the violence.

  3. LOL however what a great place for me and my grandsons to go to in the future. Glad your having fun..

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. Trisha: There’s a definite “flinch factor”!
    Bob: Guilty. In my defense, this same son hit me in the eye with a mini football this past week when I was looking the other way. Also, an accident. ~Guess we just have that sort of relationship…?
    Dorothy: You would definitely be the coolest grandma on the planet to get your grandkids to a batting cage (ask for helmets if the kids don’t have them)!

  5. Bring Back Pluto

    Wow, you’re multi-talented!! You can pitch too?!

    Soon your roles will be reversed, and you as the pitcher, will be in danger. You’ve come up with a welcome solution!!

    And they are fun!! I love them myself.

  6. Come on…. (smile)!

    Three questions….
    Did you hit him with your fast ball?
    Did he charge the mound afterwards?
    Do you take a turn at bat when you go to the batting cages?

  7. Bring Back Pluto: Me as pitcher? Not so much… I’m much better with a football, where a bad pass means I hit a passing car or the mailbox, not my kid’s head!
    Intrepid: 1) I have three pitches: under, over and “uh-oh”. He got the “uh-oh”, but come to think of it, it was too fast for him to duck. I must be good, huh? 2) I think it was the other way around; stricken mother charged the stricken batter. 3) Sometimes I’ll go a few rounds with the softball pitches. It’s kind of an informal reflex check-up (and occasionally, very welcome therapy!)!

  8. I never played such game. But I can guess how fun it is the whole family play together. I think he will only remember a sweet memory. 😛

  9. Giggles…..
    Boy, you sure keep things interesting around your place. It must be great fun being a kid with you around.
    Remind me not to take any of the “Uh-Oh” pitches.

  10. iWalk: You’re right. Much of the fun comes with doing it together.
    Fortunately, Matt and I are mutual fans of one another, so my wild pitch is just another bond between us!
    Intrepid: You should see our morning football passing before school -we’ve only knocked down one picture in three years (oops; probably shouldn’t have said that).

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