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Adventure has so many irresistible forms.  Risk levels can range from a slightly wild menu choice ( choosing an entree you can’t pronounce or hope to identify) to bolder options such as base jumping or on-line dating. Past experiences and present comfort levels help define where the nudge-able boundaries lie, and usually, we get to choose whether to push the edge and take the risk.

Except when we travel. With travel, we sign the waiver in advance and the fine print is written in invisible ink. We hike, ride, fly or float out of our customary zone, blithely leaving behind all ready resources, the tried and true, the familiar…  And we do it on purpose.

Sure you carry a cell phone… but will you have a signal?  Yes, you know a few helpful phrases of the language (or more)… but there are no communication guarantees.  And no certainty that someone will be able or available to interpret your polite pantomime inquiry regarding the location of restrooms or bug spray.

There are mental adventures: traveling alone or to a completely foreign culture.  There are physical adventures (stupidly free-diving through a coral tunnel comes to mind).  There are also the logistical adventures of canceled flights and defective maps (because it’s always the map’s fault).

Our recent trip to Puerto Rico and Isla de Vieques provided adventures of all three varieties.  Which reminded me of some other memorable moments (a few of which are listed below).  What is your most personally significant travel adventure to date?

Magic in the Marietas

The Cows… Part 2 (Boulder, Utah)

Hoodoo Heaven (Bryce Canyon National Park)

Soaring Above Bodega Bay (California)

Don’t Look Down (Bear Mountain, Sedona AZ)

Blue Lips in Bermuda

The Subway…Part 1 (Zion National Park)

Mohican State Park:  Climbing the Fire Tower

Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Oops…  better stop there!

Family Vacation on raveable

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