Miniaturized but Fryed

Goldilocks of dubious fable fame would appreciate sipping a soda in Puerto Rico.  The trespassing soup-stealing little vagabond who broke into her neighbor’s home only to criticize their customized furniture, felt items that were just her size were just right. She would be more comfortable than most with Puerto Rico’s adherence to true serving sized drinks.

Here on the continental US, drink cans containing the actual serving size are a rarity. On Puerto Rico however, miniature 8 oz single serving sized cans were the norm on grocery store shelves rather than the 12 oz one-and-a-half servings sized (and larger!) soda cans common at home.  This applied to coffee as well.  A large Puerto Rican coffee would easily fit into a small or regular sized cup here in Ohio.  Which made a small coffee actually, well…  small.  Or in Goldilocks language, “just right”.

But proper portion sized drinks don’t give the whole health story.  The “fryed” sign (above) was found just outside the El Yunque National Forest.  It made us laugh.  And made us realize we were still in America.

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