In-Town Tourist: Frozen Falls in Hocking Hills

Verdant ferns and mosses nipped at the frosted edges of receding snow.  For the moment winter was in steady retreat, sending occasional drips of icy meltwater to the back of the neck or tip of the nose from sandstone overhangs and swaying hemlock branches.

We took advantage of warmer weather and a non-school day to hike in the Hocking Hills this week.  The temporary thaw didn’t extend to all sections of trail -we still did plenty of slipping and sliding, hanging onto rails and trees in spots to keep at least one foot in contact with the ground, but it was renewing to wander the woods without the shivers of the past few weeks.  And it was almost magical to see frozen falls transforming back into waterfalls again.

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  1. They look so beautiful, Heather! I love it.

  2. That was a familiar sight with us this winter, but thankfully the thaw is well and truly on. For now at least.
    The snow is fine in small doses.
    Great to see the weather is not hampering your adventures.

  3. The frozen fall looks good by its name before I enjoy seeing the pictures.

  4. Thank you very much for that glorious article

  5. Trisha Pearson

    It’s so beautiful! We’re not having a winter here so I enjoyed sharing a little bit of yours!

  6. Hi Suzanne: The Hocking Hills region is lovely in all seasons. The trails and bridges can be a bit treacherous when icy -but are so worth the effort!
    Donald: Around here, a fresh snowfall is always a visual improvement to our grayish winters. The mix of green vegetation and blue-white ice was a nice contrast.
    Rainfield: I agree! I would love to see a time lapse movie of a waterfall reaching the point where it no longer “falls” but is frozen.
    Trisha: We’re down to small patches of snow in shaded areas now, but will surely get hit with a few more snowfalls before winter ends here. Looking at warm weather getaways for spring!

  7. Gorgeous photos and outstanding post, Heather. With only 6 inches of snow on the ground, Jeff and I have been able to move around this winter more and it’s been fun.

    You have such adventures!!!

    Started a new fiction short story on my blog – loosely based on Jeff and me. 😀

    Hugs, JJ

  8. Wow, how could you balance yourself when the ice melts and the ground is so slippery? Great passion to do so…. 🙂

  9. There is something mesmerising about frozen waterfalls – like a moment in time stretched for days.

  10. JJ: I’ve peeked at your latest fiction piece and will be back for the rest. You and Jeff live out your love for one another in such a beautiful way.
    Cecil Lee: I held onto trees, walls, kids…! I’ve traversed worse but have to be super careful after an ankle surgery and knee dislocation several years ago. Always worth the effort though.
    Mark: Good description. There is at least the illusion of time standing still.

  11. Guests at our cabins said it was breath-taking on the Winter Hike. No one was disappointed. Rock formations had huge icicles hanging from them. Weather was beautiful. I have some great pictures I will post later on.

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