Snow Running

Yawn.  Stretch.  Feels good to be in 2010 (“Two Ten?”  “Twenty Ten?” Someone let me know what we’re going with here…).

The end of December brought central Ohio enough snow to try out my new YakTrax.  It looks like January will keep us supplied with enough of the white stuff to make extra traction a good idea for a while longer.

When it comes to outdoor running, I’m slightly hardcore -or “crazy” depending on which friend you talk to.   Yes, I’d prefer to run in sunshine and shorts, but given a choice between a treadmill and a snowy wooded trail -the nature experience always wins.  The slipping and sliding can be problematic.  I’ve worn boots to run in deep snow and done my share of unplanned body sledding down icy hills.  A knee dislocation and ankle surgery several years ago keep me profoundly alert to the dangers of a misstep.  The YakTrax are a nice upgrade.  I don’t think they will create a desire for winter running in anyone -but if you’re already addicted, they might make it a little safer.

*”Thanks” to my foot model (and running buddy), Hannah!

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6 Comments to Snow Running

  1. That’s dedication! 🙂 Spring is near… 🙂

  2. Based on things I’ve read, “twenty-ten” is how we’re supposed to say it. Though, I’m open to anything.

    Keep us posted on how the YakTrax work out. I’ve no desire to start running, but new (to me) technology is always interesting.

  3. Those are way cool!

    I don’t have experience with winter running but I do with winter hiking in the White Mountains. I have a few hard core, former Eagle Scouts who’ve taken me. I remember crossing over a slightly dangerous pass and they seemed fine with it. Of course they were wearing “cramp-ons” (Sp??) and I wasn’t. When I realized I actually could have fallen down the ravine that was the last time I went.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Intrepid: Nearer to you than to me, I think! Are you back in CA or still hanging out Down Under?
    Delmer: “Twenty-ten” works for me. You need some YakTrax for your bike tires! Hope your first Christmas with the expanded family was wonderful!
    One of the Guys: Winter hiking can be just as treacherous! I remember sudden snow when hiking rim side at the Grand Canyon a few years ago -not the moment to stop and think about it! A lot of hikers use the YakTrax -they’d probably be an asset to your winter hiking. Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Suzanne Perazzini

    They look super useful. I wish I’d had those when I lived in the hills outside Turin in Italy.

  6. Hi Suzanne! We are getting a LOT of use out of our YakTrax presently. I look forward to getting use out of my snorkel mask at some near point in the future, but in the mean time…

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