Tunnel Vision


Even when you know it’s coming, when you completely expect to be awestruck by the phenomenal panorama that will be just beyond the darkness -it is more.


More breathtaking, more inspiring, more exhilarating, more gut level thrilling.


The Tunnel View entrance into Yosemite Valley is like a chapter listing of what lies ahead: El Capitan to the left, Bridalveil Fall to the right, Half Dome in the distance and the evergreen Yosemite Valley winding through the middle, a forested pathway to outdoor adventures.

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20 Comments to Tunnel Vision

  1. That’s a great photo of you! I think you look more majestic than Yosemite!

  2. I was thinking that was a great photo of you too!

    Every time I come here I get jealous of all the places you visit.

    Yosemite is one place I need to get to. My sister goes every year for a week and loves it. I only have the White Mountains nearby. Those are a pretty good substitute I guess.

  3. Its hard to stand out with a background like that for competition but you have managed it with ease.
    The other photos, though stunning don’t have the same impact. ha ha.

  4. To hike at Yosemite must be very enjoyable.
    “More breathtaking, more inspiring, more exhilarating, more gut level thrilling”. What else to ask for?

  5. Super views, Heather. So beautiful

  6. Wow! I’m Awestruck! It’s so nice to visit your blog and feel like we’ve been there with you! Thanks for sharing your world through your photos. Yosemite is a spectacular place.

  7. Seems everyone loves your portrait photo so much! I just don’t understand…. why didn’t you post more photos of yourself at Footsteps? Ha ha 🙂

  8. Isn’t America BEAUTIFUL?????? Thanks for all this majestic mountain photos. And YOU look great in the first one. 😉

    Happy Holidays to you, Heather.
    Merry Christmas.


  9. Fly Girl: That kind of background would enhance anyone!
    ONE of the GUYS: Mountains are inspiring on any side of the US. Wish we had a couple here in Ohio!
    Donald: Blush, smile, blush. Thanks!

  10. What beautiful memories I have of Yosemite. I spent many nights camping under the stars there when I was young. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, Heather.

    Sally Lee Candles

  11. What a poetic description of entering Yosemite Valley…

    When you hear the expression tunnel vision, the glimpse of people with near dead experiences come to mind.

  12. I am really jealous of the many places that you have visited. I hope I can be like you someday!

  13. Wow, ya got me… im going into the members area now !

  14. Suzanne Perazzini

    Yes, a great photo of you. The landscape has competition. There are many times in my travels when I have been awestruck – Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Zambezi River, the Dolomites, one particular beach in Vanuatu, the Duomo in Milan…
    I live for those moments that make living a joy.
    I loved you post about your grandmother. What a terrible thing to lose so much. Perhaps it’s better not to live so long.

  15. Rainfield: The potential thrills in the next view are what keep us on those trails, aren’t they? I hope I can hike your jungle trails someday.
    Thank you Graham. I’m a lucky girl, huh?
    Intrepid!! He lives!! I know, I know. You’ve probably been even busier than I’ve been lately! Hope you’re settled in where you want to be for the Christmas season.
    Cecil Lee: Ha! I don’t have that many to post! I maintain that a backdrop like Yosemite would make anyone look good!

  16. Suzanne Van Hulst: Appreciation from a photographer of your caliber is well received. Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you and yours, Suzanne!
    Marie: I bet those are some wonderful memories! I talked to a gentleman in San Francisco who had spent a summer of his youth camping in the park. It sounded as if it were one of the sweeter times of his life.
    Gabriele: Coming through the darkness of Yosemite’s tunnel into view of such spectacular beauty is a stunning sensation. As it should be!

  17. “Dining Furniture” and “Books on Forex”: I hope you both get opportunities to enjoy the vistas of Yosemite someday.
    Suzanne: I so enjoy your travel posts. There is often so much more to a dramatic view than the view itself and you capture that well.
    My grandma segued from missing what she has lost to being grateful for what remains. She has somehow managed to lose some of the more painful memories while retaining the happier ones. Not a bad place to be.

  18. Yosemite is my 2nd favorite National Park right behind Yellowstone. They are right when they say they (the Parks) are America’s best idea! I love them all! ~ jb///

  19. Heather ~ PS I forgot to mention what a thrill it is to come through that tunnel and then see the park for the first time! I can still remember it as if it was yesterday! ~ jb///

  20. LAZY Blogger: Yosemite is definitely one of my top three! The Tunnel View is one heck of a preview. I remember wanting to stand there and take it all in visually while feeling simultaneously compelled to get down into the park where I could explore it all.
    How’s your quest to visit every National Park going? Need to revisit your site and find out!

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