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Actually releasing it into the hands of a postal clerk will be mentally challenging, but I’m ready to try.  I’ve been carrying around my completed passport renewal form for a good three months now.  I secured the necessary unflattering 2×2 photo this weekend, courtesy of Walgreens.  Size was the only actual mandate.  The washed-out slightly stunned result was just lucky, I guess.

Now comes the difficult part: relinquishing my current passport for renewal.  I am in the early planning stages of my next trip. My target date isn’t until next spring. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

But, what if…?   Spontaneity keeps life interesting.  And for at least two weeks, and maybe longer -my spontaneity will be confined to the borders of my own country. If something international comes up before the return post, I’ll feel like the kid lacking a permission slip for the class trip.

My neighbor just went through the renewal process and assures me that his passport made the journey back and forth within two weeks.   My last passport experience almost required congressional intervention, so I’m understandably hesitant.  But tomorrow morning, I’m taking the plunge.  As long as no one in the Bureau of Consular Affairs stops to laugh at the photos, I should be travel-ready in plenty of time.

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  1. Wow, on the road again…

    If something international comes up, then I’ll be waiting for you all in my country.. LOL..

  2. So funny… You’re reading my mind again. I just went through this experience in May. I decided to go the expedited route and took my passport to the Federal building. The will-call pickup, two days later took 90 minutes. I actually wrote a blog post while I was waiting but never published it. One day I’ll get around to it. Two months ago I sent my freshly renewed passport out for a China visa. That took a week. So I’m travel ready again. Drop me a note when you get yours back…. I’ve got some great places we should visit. Bring your camera and hiking shoes. 🙂

  3. Rainfield: My kids have spring break with their dad this year, and I hate to sit at home by myself. Your country is certainly a worthy destination. You share its beauty well.
    Intrepid: You understand! It was akin to leaving one of my kids with an unknown babysitter! The postal clerk was very nice and asked me to let her know how long it takes. She told me that I could request that they return my old book which I didn’t know. I’m feeling a bit more confident hearing about your experiences. China again? You have the most interesting travels. I just finished an interesting memoir about US backpackers trekking there in the 80’s.
    I’m still considering destinations. Let me know if you have any great ideas.

  4. yah. be travel ready.

  5. I look forward to your reports and photos.
    Scotlands a beautiful place. lol

  6. When I got our passports, two years ago, I was surprised at how well it went. I got them all sooner than expected and one that had an error (a smudge of some sort) was sent back and returned to me in record time.

    If it makes you feel any better, we all look like just-captured felons in our passport photos.

  7. I’m leaning towards South America… Argentina. Have you been there?

  8. Passport renewal is a very big problem in my country.

    I have to fly back to where my “Hukou” locates to finish all the process. Is it strange?

    Maybe Hukou is the most villainous thing on this world. It limits that I can only be the citizen of a certain place.

  9. The old cliched saying: your passport photo is meant to make you look like you aren’t fir to travel. I suspect no one else cares as immigration officials spend their life looking at washed out bad photos submitted for passports.

  10. You’re more on top of this than most people. Everyone should have a Passport ready to go. I don’t think I’ve renewed mine in over twenty years. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

  11. Can’t wait to see where your next journey leads you, Heather.

    Have my fingers crossed you receive your passport in two weeks. 😀

    I’m starting to perk up. 😀

    Hugs, Nancy/JJ

  12. Jandy: Always!!
    Donald: Scotland is VERY beautiful. In my pre-teens I worked on very rudimentary Gaelic from a book I picked up in Nova Scotia, thinking I’d be using it when I visited Scotland someday. Always dreaming big…!
    Delmer: I imagine that having a “good” passport photo could raise all sorts of suspicions at a border crossing! It’s probably better this way.

  13. I understand. I hate giving up my passport as well. It’s a very psychological thing. But it will come back, don’t worry.

  14. Intrepid: I haven’t! Have you? (Silly question. You’ve been about everywhere, I think) That’s definitely a good one to think about; beautiful landscapes… Do you have my e-mail (contact page)? I’d love to hear some specifics on your favorite spots, in SA and elsewhere.

  15. iWalk: Recently I read a memoir in which Hukou was a significant factor. It would be hard to live with such limited choices. The concept is quite foreign to those of us in the US. I hope that opportunities in your country open up in time for you to enjoy the benefits of them.
    Mark: Agreed. I don’t care what the photo looks like as long as I have my passport in hand!
    One of The Guys: What if your wife wants to whisk you on a romantic getaway across the border? I’d get on that renewal right away, sir!
    JJ: I don’t have to leave our wonderful country to have a good time, but it’s nice to keep one’s options open! I’m glad you are recovering (and hope you’re still avoiding that bear)!

  16. Fly Girl: I like to be prepared: running shoes and camera in my truck, and passport at the ready! I knew you’d understand!

  17. Don’t forget your toothbrush.

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