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The college visit… We’ve done a few now as my oldest son progresses through his senior year of high school. This past week we visited the University of Cincinnati, an urban college with an appealing sense of community. The unusual and varied architecture alone make a walk through campus worthwhile.


The Bearcats, 6-0 this 2009 football season, play in a sunken stadium tucked into the middle of campus next to an impressive recreation facility. When athletic fields are not in use they are open to all students.


We had the added benefit of a personal tour with a freshman nephew. Being an honors student gained him a rather palatial penthouse suite rather than the usual cramped dorm room!

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  1. The buildings look very contemporary, how old and how big is the campus?

  2. Is good to be a visitor than a student in there.
    Cannot take up those examinations one after another.

  3. Heather what a beautiful and awesome campus!!! Gorgeous photos and post.

    I have never heard of a sunken stadium before. That must be fantastic!

    You must be having fun exploring campuses with your son. It’s a right of passage time for you both. 😀

    Hugs, Nancy/JJ

  4. Great school. I wish you all the best. Your son will be fine. No matter his choice it will be a good one. Great school, I wish you all the very best in all your selections..

  5. Fly Girl: It started as Cincinnati College in 1819. In 1989 the University began implementing its master building plan using “signature architects”. Here’s a link to the project timeline and pictures of the unusual architecture:
    Rainfield: So true! I well remember the massive relief at the end of finals each semester of college. My nephew had just finished a Calculus quiz when he met us and is taking a load of the more challenging Honors classes!
    Nancy: Check out the architecture link above (Fly Girl). I didn’t have the time to do the campus photographic justice. College selection is an interesting and sometimes complex process. The academics are just one part of the overall “fit”.
    Dr. James A Lee: I think you’re right. The biggest factor in one’s education and learning ultimately comes from within.

  6. Oh yes! The joys of beeing a student…
    Palatial penthouse you said? Lucky guy! 😉

  7. Study hard – get a Penthouse suite. I like that! 🙂 Nice campus.

  8. Claire

    The stadium was built in a natural ravine. From “street” level it goes both up and down.

  9. BearcatUC

    I graduated from UC and the campus has greatly improved since I was there. I did the college visit experience with my son last year and really enjoyed the bonding time. We did visit UC, but he decided it wasn’t a good fit for him (he is at Purdue). Good luck with your son’s college search.

  10. A very smart looking campus.

  11. UK Traveller: The “joys” indeed! Actually, as we’ve wandered college campuses and perused all the course offerings -I find myself wishing I could do all that again! There are so many interesting areas of study!
    Intrepid: Seems like a nice reward, doesn’t it? I don’t think I ever had such a nice spread -even in the lovely sorority house I lived in at IU.
    Claire: Thanks for the info! I remember a guide saying that they had built the present stadium atop the previous one. True? It’s neat that they were able to capitalize on the layout of the existing land!
    BearcatUC: Thanks for the good wishes. It sounds like the campus was truly transformed. The master plan they created for the project is pretty impressive in its scope!
    Graham: It’s laid out very well. I’d be bumping into people looking up at all the cool buildings, though!

  12. My eldest and his mother toured UC campus earlier this year.

    I’ve not been there since 1978/79. A buddy of mine was in the Bearcat band and I’d go down once in a while to work on getting a hangover.

  13. There is a combination of an ancient and a modern style in its architecture.

  14. Limassol Cyprus: A lot of thought went into the architectural planning -with very pleasing results!

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